Ramsey Servicemen who served in the First, Second and all other Wars.

These pages are created as a 'Spin Off' from the combination of two other projects. That of the Hunts. Cyclist Battlions, that host these pages, as well as work carried out jointly with Joan Whitwell and the results of her extensive research into the men who are listed on the Ramsey War Memorial.
The names of the Men from Ramsey [Huntingdonshire] who served in the H.C.B., can be found within this site. The names of the men from the Ramsey War Memorial are also detailed on the dedicated section within this site.  These pages will try to fill out the list of men from Ramsey, Ramsey St. Mary's, Ramsey Heights, Ramsey Forty Foot and Ramsey Mereside, Huntingdonshire, that fall between those two projects. It is an ongoing effort and any help in the provision of additional names, information, photos, family stories, information correction etc. would be most welcome. The aim, as the main site, is to ensure that those who served are remembered.    It is also intended within these pages to record other people who served in various services that have connection with the Ramsey area. The sources from which these names are recorded are numerous, and where possible the original sources is identified. Many thank is expressed here to all those, too many to mention, that have contributed to this research.

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If you can help with any data on these Ramsey Soldiers please contact me at huntscycles@btinternet.com    

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Ramsey at War.  

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