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The First World War.

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Negus - Ernest.

NEGUS, Ernest – Rifleman – S.417,             12th Bn. Rifle Brigade  (The Prince Consort’s Own)

He was born at Ramsey on 14th May 1890, youngest son of John Thomas & Frances NEGUS, sometime of 41 Woodside Gardens, Bruce Grove, Tottenham, London, enlisted at Rugby.  A member of the Machine Gun Section, he was killed instantly when a shell burst quite close to him, and he was buried the following morning in a little cemetery behind the trenches.  He died on Tuesday, 21st September 1915, aged 25 years, and his grave is now in the Rue-du-Bacquerot No. 1 Military Cemetery, Laventie, Pas de Calais, France.   [Added to Ramsey memorial]

Extract of family Letters to Mr Negus from Machine Gun Officer Ralph C. S. Stevenson and Chaplain A. Stewart.    2nd. Batt. 12th Rifle Brigade. , 21st Sept. 1915.

Dear Mr. Negus,    I am very sorry to tell you that your son was killed in action this afternoon. A shell burst quite near him and killed him instantaneously.  He could not have known anything about it, and of that I am glad.  Your son is a great loss to his friends and myself.  I could not wish for a more cheery lad or a more willing worker.  His place in his gun team will be hard to fill. Please accept my deepest sympathy in your sorrowing.  He will be buried tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. quite near the firing line. 

Yours very sincerely,   Ralph C. S. Stevenson, Machine Gun Officer.

Rifle Brigade., September 22nd 1915.

To Mr. J. T. Negus. 

Dear Mr. Negus,     It is with great sorrow that we have to inform you of the death of your son Rifleman E. Negus on September 21st.  It is very difficult to know how to comfort you in this sad loss, but it is surely some consolation to know that your son died doing his duty.  Your son's body was buried in a little cemetery behind the trenches and is marked by a wooden cross.

Yours in true sympathy,     A. Stewart; Chaplain.

Negus - Frank.

NEGUS, Frank,   Middlesex Regt.

He was born at Ramsey on 7th June 1888, eldest son of John Thomas & Frances NEGUS, had served with the regiment but was invalided home in March 1917 after a few months in France, and was admitted to the Clare Hall Sanitorium, near Barnet, London.  He was discharged from the Army through illness contracted while on service, from which he never recovered.  He died in hospital in May 1920, aged 31 years.     [Added to Ramsey memorial]
Negus - L.

Private L. Negus, Maryland Inft. American Army.

Newton - Arthur Leslie Garman

NEWTON, Arthur Leslie Garman – Gunner – 266595,          ‘E’ Battery,  2nd Cavalry Division, Royal Horse Artillery.

He was the eldest son of Arthur & Mary Louisa NEWTON of Four Hundred Farm, Ramsey, was educated at the Grammar School, St. Ives, Hunts, joined the Army in 1917 and was sent to France in April of the following year.  He died on Sunday, 2nd February 1919 in hospital at Huy, Belgium, of appendicitis and typhoid fever, aged 23 years, and was buried in the Huy (La Sarte) Communal Cemetery, Huy, Leige, Belgium.    [Also on Benwick memorial]
Nightingale - Herbert

Gunner Herbert Nightingale, R. F. A., Ramsey St. Marys, Wounded and now returned to unit. He was the brother of W. Nightingale.

Nightingale - W.  

Corporal W. Nightingale, Northamptonshire Regiment, Ramsey St.  Marys,  was wounded and received treatment in a hospital in France.  He was the brother of Herbert Nightingale.

Norris - J.

From a local newspaper his name appears as having enlisted in the Army by June 10th 1915 - Norris, J., Sherwood Foresters [wounded] .

NORRIS, J., Sherwood Foresters

He was born 3rd February 1892, son of Thomas & Mary Ann NORRIS, arrived back home in Ramsey on Wednesday, 23 Dec 1915.  He had been wounded in both hands and one arm by shrapnel in October, after being in several engagements.   [Added to Ramsey memorial]

The Second World War.

 Notes on soldier.

NEWTON, Charles Steven

NEWTON, Charles Steven – Sergeant/Air Gunner – 1802894, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

He was the youngest son of Ernest Alfred & May NEWTON of the Limes, Benwick Road, Ramsey Fortyfoot, was killed in a flying accident while on active service somewhere in England on Sunday, 8th August 1943, aged 33 years, and was buried in the Halton (St. Michael) Churchyard, Bucks.  He left a widow Mary Elizabeth Alice NEWTON of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.      [Not on Ramsey memorial]  He is remembered on the Ramsey War Memorial.

NORFIELD, Oliver George

NORFIELD, Oliver George – Gunner – 1104633, 135 (The Hertfordshire Yeomanry) Field Regt, Royal Artillery.

He was the eldest son of Oliver & Daisy May (nee SMITH) NORFIELD of 49 Council Houses, Ramsey St. Mary’s, died on Wednesday, 11th February 1942, aged 22 years, and his grave is in the Kranji War Cemetery, Singapore.  Before joining the Army in November 1940, he was employed by Mr. C. BRIDGFOOT of Pondersbridge.     [Also on Ramsey St. Marys memorial]  He is remembered on the Ramsey War Memorial.
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