'We Shall Remember Them'

A List of men who originally served in the H.C.B who died serving their Country.

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Part of my project is to photograph all H.C.B. graves or memorials where H.C.B. men are recorded.  It may be that I have already obtained photographs of the memorial for the person you are looking for.  Please contact me to ask if this is the case.

Many thanks in the obtaining of grave photos in France must go to Daphne Webb who has on every trip she makes has managed to add more images to my collection.



Nurse Gibson -- Died February 20th, 1915 

Whilst attending to the men of the HCB in the local V. A. D. hospital in Yorkshire.


She grudged no giving so she gave her life,

And thus are taken in their country’s cause

The women who serve those who serve in wars ;

Yet had we hoped to see her soon the wife

Of one but lately honoured in this strife

Where death is sanctified, and need restores

The sword of right which every brave man draws.

In her those maiden qualities were rife

Which made her woman through her years fell short

And led her surely to her course of right,

Which vainly heads of more experience sought.

So here she wrought - "she hath done what she could"

Tending the sick, work sacred in her sight ;

So she fulfilled God’s law - "Forget not to do good."

Earth’s Cross is Red - from it there comes release,

Now at the great White Throne she seeks God’s peace.


Pte. Howson


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