Battalion Orders.

This set of Battalion Orders cover the formation and general setting up details of the Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion. 

They are reproduced here as a direct copy from the originals.



The following extracts from the London Gazette are published for information. War Office, 27th February, 1914.


(a) His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to approve the formation of a Cyclist Battalion by the Territorial Force Association for the County of Huntingdon, to be designated,

"The Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion."

War Office 31st March 1914.

(b) Colonel Edward G. H. The Earl of Sandwich, K.V.C.O. (late of the Grenadier Guards (honorary Colonel, late Militia), Honorary Colonel 5th Battalion, The Kings Royal Rifle Corps) is appointed to the Honorary Colonelcy of the Battalion. Dated 27th February, 1914.

Major Ernest Roland Herbert from the 5th Battalion The Bedfordshire Regiment to be Lieutenant-Colonel. Dated 27th February, 1914.

The under mentioned Captains from the 5th Battalion The Bedfordshire Regiment to be Captains. Dated 27th February, 1914.
Sydney George Cook.
John Edgar Hill.

The under mentioned Lieutenants from the 5th Battalion The Bedfordshire Regiment to be Captains. Dated 27th February, 1914.
John Douglas Barford Warwick.
Joseph Keith Batten.
Charles William Rowe.

(c) Lieutenant Francis William Massey Drew (The Prince of Wales' Volunteers) South Lancashire Regiment to be Adjutant. Dated 7th April 1914.
Lieutenant Francis W. M. (The Prince of Wales' Volunteers) South Lancashire Regiment is granted the temporary rank of Captain in the Territorial Force whilst holding the appointment of Adjutant. Dated 7th April 1914.

(d) Lieutenant Francis W. M. (The Prince of Wales' Volunteers) South Lancashire Regiment to be Captain. Dated 27th March 1914.

(e) Arthur Holdich Mellows to be Second Lieutenant. Dated 20th May 1914.
Cadet Jack Montford Stanley Gardner, from Cambridge University Contingent Senior Division, Officers Training Corps. to be Second Lieutenant. Dated 20th May 1914.

(f) The announcement of the transfer from the 5th battalion The Bedfordshire Regiment of Captain John E. Hill and Lieutenant Joseph K. Batten, which appear in the London Gazette of the 31st march, 1914, is cancelled.

The under mentioned to be Captains. Dated 27th February, 1914.
MacDonald Barkley.
Arthur Rove Lowe.
Hugh Richard Longbourne.
John Charles Swindell Musk.

The under mentioned to be Lieutenants, with Seniority next above Lieutenants John D. B. Warwick and Charles W. Rowe. Dated 27th February, 1914.

Kenneth Hunnybun (late Cadet Corporal, Sherborne School Contingent, Junior Division, Officers Training Corps).

George Lewis Day (late Cadet, Repton School Contingent, Junior Division, Officers Training Corps).

James Herbert Ingle Hankin to be Second Lieutenant. Dated 27th February, 1914.

Attached to units other than Medical Units.
Jesse Robert Garrood, M. D. to be Lieutenant. Dated 18th May, 1914.


(a) The following N.C.O's of the permanent staff of the 5th Battalion The Bedfordshire Regiment have been transferred to the Battalion from 25th April, 1914.
No. 3966 - Colour-Sergeant J. Grover.
No. 7013 - Sergeant G. Buck.

(b) The following have been transferred from the 1st battalion Northamptonshire Regiment from 17th June, 1914:-
No. 5184 - Company Sergeant Major - J. J. Blake.
No. 7056 - Sergeant F. Ashley.


The following table shows the distribution of Officers and Companies:-

Company Station Officers

'A' Huntingdon Capt. M. Barkley; Lieut. K. Hunnybun
'B' Huntingdon Capt. A. R. Lowe; 2nd Lieut. J. M. S. Gardner
'C' St. Ives Lieut. C. L. Day; 2nd Lieut. J. H. I. Hankin
'D' St. Neots Lieut. K. Hunnybun (temporary)
'E' Ramsey H. Q. Capt. H. R. Longbourne
'F' Fletton Capt. Cook (temporary); 2nd Lieut. A. H. Mellows
'G' Fletton Lieut. J. D. B. Warwick
'H' Farcet Lieut. C. Rowe


It is notified for information that the telephone number of the Battalion Headquarters is 39 Huntingdon.


In order to facilitate the issue of orders, etc., are directed to immediately acquaint the Adjutant at Head-quarter of any change in their address by post, and Non-Commissioned Officers and men will likewise notify the Officer Commanding their Company by post card directed to the Head-quarter of the Company.
This is most important. It is hoped this order will be rigidly carried out by all ranks.


In order to obtain the 2/6 Boot Allowance in camp this year every N.C.O. and Man must be in possession of a serviceable pair of strong, black, laced boots.


The following are the conditions of The Territorial Force Bounty of 1.

1. For year 1914 only:-
(a) Trained Men must complete the full ten drills, and recruits at least 20 drills before proceeding to Camp.
(b) All ranks must attend Camp for the full 15 days.

2 In future years:-
All ranks must have completed their drill before Camp. A Recruit enlisted before the 1st November and after Annual Training in Camp of his unit, must complete 50 drills prior to Camp. (i.e. the drills for the first and second years).

Men in the previous year have fired part I, and qualified in part II (standard test) of Table A (Recruits) or Table B (trained men), Musketry Regulations Part 1, 1909. Reprint 1912. Appendix IV, page 266.
A Recruit in his first year is excused this condition. The whole of the Musketry practices to be fired on an open range. Classification on a miniature range (vide para 381 (3)) Territorial Force Regulations will not qualify a man to earn the bounty.

Musketry qualification for the bounty is dispensed with for 1914, but the musketry of 1914 will count for the purpose of qualification for the bounty 1915.


Each man bringing a bicycle to camp in good condition and complete with two brakes, mud guards, carrier, lamp, bell, pump and repair outfit will receive the following allowance:-

If present in Camp for 8 days 1.
For every day over 8 days 1/6 per day, making a maximum 15 days of 1 10s 6d.
No cycle allowance can be drawn by men who are less than 8 days in Camp.

Bicycles will be inspected by a Board of Officers after arrival in Camp, and any found not to be complete as above, and not in sound or efficient condition will be rejected, and no allowance will be paid for them.

Bicycles which have handlebars dropped down low, or which have the top stay of the frame sloping downwards to the front will not be accepted as rifles cannot be attached to them and they are otherwise unsuitable.


In order to draw pay in Camp, Officers and Men must complete the following number of Drills prior to Camp:-
Trained Officers and Men 10 Drills
Recruit Officers and Men 20 Drills.

An Officer on joining is a Recruit Officer unless he has previously served in an Infantry Unit as an Officer. N.C.O's and Men on joining are Recruits unless they have formerly served in an Infantry Unit.


When Battalion Orders are published sufficient copies will be sent to each Company Headquarters for each Officer, one copy to be filed, and the remainder to be posted on every Company Notice Board. One copy of all circular memoranda will be filed in each Company Office for future reference.


It is noted for information that the Commanding Officer will inspect all Companies before Camp. The time and dates will be issued later.


(a) No. ?5181? C.S.M. J. J. Blake, Acting Sergeant-Major of the Battalion from 17th June, 1914.

(b) The following N.C.O's have been transferred to this Battalion from the 1st Northamptonshire Regiment from 23rd June, 1914:-

No. 7595 Sergeant C. Mayes
No. 6325 Sergeant J. Buckley


All official letters to Officers Commanding Companies will be addressed to the Drill Hall, at the Company Headquarters. Officers Commanding Companies will arrange with their Instructors as to how the correspondence is to be dealt with. In the absence of the Officer Commanding Company the Correspondence will be dealt with by his subaltern or failing him by the Sergeant Instructor.


All ranks are hereby directed to attend for the Annual Training in Camp to be held at Skegness from 12th to 26th July, 1914. Companies will assemble at their respective Company Headquarters on the morning of the 12th July. Further orders as to times and dress will be posted at Company Headquarters later.

Members of this unit must bring with them their National Insurance Cards and also their Unemployment Insurance Books if belonging to Insured Trades.

Any member of this unit who without having obtained leave of absence on Medical Certificate fails to attend as directed above will be liable to be proceeded against according to Law.

No excuses will be taken for absence unless supported by Medical Certificate.


The following reference to Territorial Force Regulations shows the subjects for Examination "A" for Officers. Appendix III. A-9-11-17-18.

It is hoped that an Examination "A" Board will assemble to examine all Recruit Officers at the end of the Annual Training in Camp.

F. M. Drew, Captain and Adjutant, Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion.


1 The following N.C.O's and Men having been transferred from the 5th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment from 1st April, 1914 or enlisted on dates as shown, are taken on the strength of the Battalion from those dates, and posted to the Companies and allocated Regimental Nos. as under:-

" A " COMPANY - Transferred from the 5th Batt. Bedfordshire Regt.

28 Pte. E J Campbell 1/4/1914
36 Pte. A. E. Baker 1/4/1914
46 L/C. L. S. Whitney 1/4/1914
55 Pte. F. Green 1/4/1914
56 Pte. G. W. Harper 1/4/1914
61 Pte. S. Farley 1/4/1914
82 Pte. W. Hull 1/4/1914
95 Pte. H. J. Cockbill 1/4/1914
101 Pte A. F. Froment 1/4/1914
108 Pte. D. H. Malcolm 1/4/1914
109 Pte S. H. Smith 1/4/1914
110 Pte. T. H. Upchurch 1/4/1914
111 Pte. A. Dear 1/4/1914
112 Pte. B. J. Fountain 1/4/1914

155 Pte. H. Butler 19/3/1914
156 Pte. F. Wright 19/3/1914
197 Pte. A, H. Walton 19/3/1914
158 Pte. A. Willis 19/3/1914
159 Pte. A. H. Walton 19/3/1914
160 Pte. A. Clark 19/3/1914
161 Pte. R. Jordan 19/3/1914
162 Boy C. Hibbins 19/3/1914
204 Pte. A. E. Worton 28/3/1914
229 Pte. W. C. Crack 28/3/1914
243 Pte. C. R. Blissett 2/4/1914
242 Pte. A. W. Figg 2/4/1914
241 Pte. J. H. Bradshaw 2/4/1914

248 Pte. C. Reeve 18/4/1914
259 Pte. W. Roe 22/4/1914
260 Pte. P. Wells 22/4/1914
273 Pte. E. Billings 5/5/1914
282 Pte. S. E. Braybrooke 13/5/1914
283 Pte. H. C. Clayton 13/5/1914
284 Pte. A. Line 13/5/1914
285 Pte. C. Abrahams 13/5/1914
286 Pte. A. E. Abbott 13/5/1914
287 Pte. J. Hector 13/5/1914
329 Pte. G. M. Rosamond 20/5/1914
330 Pte. G. W. Fairey 20/5/1914

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