Alford - 3rd August  1915.


 Attendance of Staff.

The Medical Officer, Quarter-Master, Sergeant-Major and the Battalion Orderly Sergeant will attend at the Orderly Room at 9-0 a.m. daily to accompany the Commanding Officer round the camp.

Sanitary Squad.

The Sanitary squad will parade daily at 7 a.m., 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. for the purpose of cleaning up the camp "Urinals", "Ablution trenches". Sergeant Cannon will superintend the working of these men and will be under the orders of the Medical Officer.


The company lines at all times will be kept scrupulously clean and free from Bones, Pieces of bread, Paper, Dirty Plates etc., No excuse will be taken if this order is not complied with.

No food whatever is to be kept in the tents.


The Sick will Parade outside the Orderly Room at 9-30 a.m. daily and will be marched to Hospital by the Battalion Orderly Corporal. Company Orderly Corporals are to parade with their men and hand over the sick reports to the N.C.O. marching the Sick.


All N. C. Os and Men are to be in Camp by 9-30. p.m. unless provided with a pass.


All Tent Flies if fine, are to be rolled up immediately after "Reveille" and, all kit, Blankets etc. removed and folded neatly, and placed in line outside their respective tents.

Leaving camp.

No N.C.O or man is allowed to leave camp before 2-0 p.m. unless on duty.


No N.C.O or man under the rank of Sergeant is permitted to ride his Cycle from Camp unless in possession of a pass signed by his Company Officer.

Men who are given permission to ride their Bicycles must comply with the Police Regulations regarding Front and Rear lights.


All Cooking Utensils, Plates, Basins, Mugs, Knives, Forks, etc., are to be cleaned at the Cook-House. Hot water will be supplied by the Cooks after each meal for this purpose.

N. C. Os and men are forbidden to use the Ablution Benches for this purpose. Any N.C.O or man disobeying this order will be punished.


Dirty Water is on no account to be left standing in the Wash Bowls, and N. C. Os and men are forbidden to wash in or near their respective tents.

Waste of Water is to be suppressed by all ranks, and washing in running water direct from taps is Strictly Prohibited. Men must in all cases use the Washing Bowls provided for this purpose.

Night Urinals.

Urine Tubs will be placed at the end of each Company's line at 9-30. p.m. daily, for the use of the men at night. These will be removed and emptied at "Reveille" by the Sanitary Squad.

Urinating in or about the camp is a dirty habit and should be suppressed by all ranks as such habits breed disease, and often cause fever.


The Canteen will be open from 12-30. p.m. to 2-0. p.m. and from 6-0. p.m. to 9-30. p.m.

2 N.C.Os will be detailed daily whose duty it is to keep order and to see that the canteen is closed at the proper hour.

Sergeants Mess.

The Sergeants Mess will be open from 12 noon to 10-30 p.m.

No one under the Rank of Sergeant is allowed in the Mess.

Motor Vehicles.

All Motor Lorries and Motor Cycles will be placed in line near the two large trees East of the road running the camp, and will be under the orders of the transport Sergeant.


All correspondence from Companies is to reach Orderly room by 9-0. a.m. daily.


Notice Boards have been placed at the East end of company lines.

Battalion orders and all details affecting N.C.Os and Men should be posted as early as possible daily by the Company Orderly Sergeant.


The Battalion Orderly Sergeant, Battalion Orderly Corporal, Company Orderly Sergeants and Company Orderly Corporals are forbidden to leave camp during their hour of Duty. They may however, receive permission from the Sergeant-Major, but before being granted this privilege they should obtain another N.C.O to answer for them during their absence.


No Hawkers are allowed in camp.


The Regimental Police are under the orders of the Sergeant of Police, who is alone responsible for the duties they perform. One policeman must be on duty in camp at all times; and should patrol the camp, especially the officers Lines to prevent unauthorised persons or Hawkers lounging in the vicinity.


All "Farm Buildings" etc., adjoining the camp are placed out of bounds.

Daily papers.

Daily Papers can be obtained at the entrance to camp, near the officers’ Cook - House, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8-30 a.m.


All Cycles will be grounded in their own Company Lines.

They are not to be left lying around between the tents.

Entrance to camp.

N.C.Os and men are only allowed to leave and enter camp by the gate near the Camp Guard. Breaking through Hedges and climbing Fences is strictly forbidden.


N.C.Os and men are reminded that gambling of any kind is contrary to "KING’S REGULATIONS".


All institutes are to be ready for inspection at 11-0 a.m. daily. Side walls are to be lowered daily, except in inclement weather.


Bags for collecting rubbish have been placed at the end of each company’s line.

Contents must be taken daily to the incinerator by the Sanitary Squad and burnt.

Company Lines.

N.C.Os and men are not allowed to ride their Bicycles between the Company Lines.

Officers Lines.

N.C.Os and men must not pass through Officers Lines, except on Duty.


Officers Servants must attend all Battalion Parades but are excused from attending Company Parades.




Capt. & Adjt.

2/1st Hunts. Cyclist Battalion.


3rd August 1915.


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