Charles Wyman.


From a local paper = 2/9/1916    Lance Corporal Wyman Killed.    Lance Corporal Charles Wyman, a native of Peterborough is slain, previous to going to the front he had been doing his duty with his battalion since the outbreak of the war. In a letter written to his sister by Platoon Sergeant W. H. Day it is stated that, Lance Cpl C. Wyman was in the trenches on August 18th, and was proceeding along the trench with several others of his platoon when a German shell burst close to and a fragment caught him in the right side and passed into his stomach. He was taken to the nearest dugout and despite everything that could be done he passed peacefully away about three minutes after being wounded. I visited him just after he had died, and found he had passed away with a smile on his face. No doubt you know that he had only recently joined the Warwick's, and this was his first time in the firing line, but during his- short time with us-he had become known to us all as a brave and fearless soldier. He was buried with full honours in a wood on the edge of which our trenches run. We can only hope that the result we shall eventually achieve will fully, and more than fully justify the great sacrifice which your brother has made". Before joining the army L/Cpl Wyman was employed at the Vine Restaurant, Peterborough. All his brothers are serving in the army, the eldest Walter, is out at the front with the Machine Gun Corps, another, Arthur, went out with the Canadian Contingent eighteen months ago, and is still in France, and the youngest, George not yet nineteen, with the Royal Fusiliers, is now in hospital in London, wounded by shrapnel after having fought at Aehi Baba on defense work in Egypt, and the big push in France. L/Cpl Wyman two sisters are also married to soldiers, one of whom went out with the original Expeditionary Force.  

KIA in 1/7 Bat. Royal Warwickshire Regiment (T. F)  on 18/8/1916.

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