Arthur A. Couchman.

Arthur served in the 1/1st Hunts Cyclist Battalion as a private with the HCB number of 2086.  He was posted to A Company based at Scarborough where the 1/1st were stationed 'Coast Watching'.

Arthur A. Couchman in the uniform of the Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion.  He wears the Hunts Cyclist shoulder title of a 'T' over the Word 'HUNTS', the T stood for Territorial. 

He also wears the rampant stag as the cap badge.  The buttons on the uniform bear the raised form of the rampant stag.

The belt with the 's' catch is typical of those issued to most of the privates in the HCB.

He carries the short swagger stick - probably with a metal cap bearing the rampant stag - a similar swagger stick is shown below.


His War Medal Index Card does not show that he served in the Huntingdonshire Cyclist battalion, but indicates that he served in the Suffolk Regiment a private with the Army number of 63075.   It also indicates that he was entitled to the British War and Victory medals.

Arthur survived WW1 and served as a member of the local Home Guard during World War II. He died when Jean was a child.

Arthur was the grandfather  of Jean Bruce - many thanks to her for the information on this new HCB soldier and the posted photographs.  Until contact from Jean this soldier was not known as a Huntingdonshire Cyclist - more research is now being undertaken on his service history.

This photograph is a new one to the site and the section of the HCB and unit is currently been researched for identification of individual soldiers.

This photograph was also passed on by Jean - it is a known photograph and bears the inscription =  "1/1st Hunts Cyclist Battn. 'D' Coy. Sandsend Detachment. May 3 1918".

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Martyn Smith