Richard Beales.

. enlisted 15/11/1915 directly at Filey, Yorks.
. 2/1st       1620   pte.
. .
. Many thanks to Michael Clements for providing some background on this soldier who was his wife's grandfather  .

If you can help with any data on this Huntingdonshire Cyclist please contact me at

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. . Martyn Smith
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1941 Beales Richard 1620 No No No 2/1st
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15/11/1915 directly at Filey, Yorks.













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Hello Martyn,

Some time ago I got in  touch with you regarding a Richard Beales who was in the above Battalion station at Whitby during the first world war. You said that you had some information about him and would get back to me. I wondered if you have managed to sort anything out.


Michael Clements


Thanks for getting in touch. Look forward to receiving any information you can give me. Richard Beales was born 30th March 1892 in Percival street Peterborough. He married my wife's grandmother on 30th April 1918 at the Registry Office in Whitby. After the war they came back to Peterborough to live.He used to play the double bass in the band at the local theatre. He was a shoemaker by trade. He died 23rd July 1969 in St John's hospital Peterborough.



Dear Sir,

I have been trying to find out some information of my wife's grandfather Richard Beales. On his marriage certificate he says that he was a private in the 1/1 Hunts Cyclists Battalion. he was married in Whitby North Yorkshire in 1918. According to information that I have he was billited in one of the hotels at Whitby. he was born in Peterborough and was a musician. I have looked at your website for the soldiers there but his name does not appear. Any help that you can give will be appreciated.

yours faithfully

Michael Clements