Cornelius Robinson.

Cornelius enlisted in the H C B from his home town of St. Neots, Huntingdonshire sometime before the 10th December 1915, no exact date is available in the records found.  He was given the H C B number 1529 and posted to the 1/1st Battalion and put into A company.

One reference indicates that he was one of a batch of 18 men that were recruited to the Hunts. Cyclist Battalion December 1915.

He was later transferred to the 5th Ox and Bucks Regiment with the Army number of 33113 when he arrived in France.  He was killed in action on 3rd May 1917 and is commemorated on Bay 6 & 7 of the Arras Memorial - Faubourg d' Amiens Cemetery, France.

His notebook entries include the statement that he went into the front line trenches on the 19th October 1916 and fired his first shot on the 22nd October 1916.

Information from his family, his notebook and photos have been provided and detailed here, many thanks to them for permitting the publication of the data on my site. 


Photo of two unnamed females in the notebook.

These letter extracts were kindly provide, with permission to place here by his family.


I recently visited his memorial in Arras to pay respects to this old H.C.B soldier, sadly his name is recorded very high up on the memorial and did not prove easy to obtain a good photograph of his name.
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