William Arthur Levi Marshall.

. William enlisted in the 2/1st HCB in A Company - he was living in Huntingdon at 10 St. John's Street.  He enlisted on the 12/10/14 at St. Mary's Street  Huntingdon.  

In an order raised at 7.00 pm, Vine Cottage, Chapel St. Leonards, on 5 March 1917 by W. L Stephenson, Lieutenant and acting Adjt. (2.1), He held the existing rank of Sergeant in A company (2.1) . His new substantive rank was to be Corp and was effective from 1/8/1915. This order was issued under The Army Council Instruction No.115 of 1917. ref 156/2)   

In an order raised at The George Hotel, Alford,  Lieutenant Col. J. L. Stanley issued order No. 90 part 2 Territorials (2.1) on 17 April 1917 indicating that he was appointed paid Lance Sergeant to 16 April 1917. At the time he was serving as a Crop. in A company  (2.1)  for rations, accommodation and discipline. ref 158/2. 

Now a Colour Sergeant - His name appears as being at a smoking concert in the HCB Canteen Huntingdon on Saturday evening before 29-1-1915 and again on the Wednesday before the 29-1-1915.

Under Battalion orders 55, issued by Lieutenant Colonel J. L. Stanley V. D., commanding officer of 2/1st Hunts. Cyclist Battalion issued at The George Hotel, Alford, Lincolnshire on 5th March 1917 at 7:30 pm, and signed by W. L. Stephenson 2 L/t and acting adjutant ,orders being for the following day i.e.. 6th March 1917, records indicate that he was one of the men who held the rank of acting Sergeant then being transferred to the substantive rank of Corporal A co from 1-8-1915. The instruction was under Army Council instruction 115 of 1917.

Under Battalion orders 90, issued by Lieutenant Colonel J. L. Stanley V. A. D, officer commanding 2/1st HCB issued at the George hotel, Alford, Lincolnshire on 17th April 1917 (Ref: 158), records indicate that he was one of a group of men that held the rank of acting sergeant, but was reverted to the rank of Corporal (substantive) of A company from 16th April 1917. The instruction was under War establishment order No. 489, part XIV.

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