Percy James Manley.


Percy joined the HCB at their HQ in St. Mary's Street Huntingdon on the 2nd October 1914, He indicated that he came from 8 Ferrars Road, Huntingdon, and was given the HCB number of 530 and was posted to the 2/1st Battalion.

He was posted to the base depot B.E.F. France on 26th July 1916, he was rationed up to and for that day. Order was part 2 No. 171 issued by W. L. Stephenson, 2/Lieut. & acting Adjutant, 2/1st Hunts. Cyclist Battalion. The order was issued at Well Camp Alford at 8-00 p.m., 28th July 1916. He went to France on his birthday 27 July 1915.

His father was also noted as being a policeman at Stanground, in the north of the county as well as being stationed at Huntingdon.

He was in France on his 20th birthday on 27 July 1916.

Once in France he was transferred into the 1st Bedfordshire Regiment with the Army number of 43003.  It was with this unit he was posted Killed in Action.  At the time he held the rank of Lance Corporal.

His parents were noted as Samuel Thomas & Betsy of 20 Bank Avenue, Somersham.

From a local paper dated 29/6/1917 Pte. P. J.  Manley, eldest son of police constable Manley, of Huntingdon, was reported missing on September 4th.  An official letter has been received this week stating that as nothing further had been heard it is now presumed that he was killed on September 4th.  Pte.. Manley was 20 years of age, was employed by Messrs.  Jenkins and Jones.  He joined the Cyclists and on going to France transferred to the Beds. Regt.

From a local paper dated 29/9/1916

P.c. Manley, of Huntingdon, has been informed by the military authorities that his son who has been missing some time, is in all probability killed, as his personal effects have been recovered.  he belonged to the Cyclists Battalion, and arrived in France on his 20th birthday.

From a local paper dated 29/9/1916

Pte. P. J. Manley, son of Police constable Manley of Huntingdon, has it is feared, been killed.  A letter has been received from the Officer Commanding the Beds. Regt., stating that private Manley has been missing since September 4th.  His pocket effects have been recovered, but no information is forthcoming regarding his fate.  In view of the heavy fighting on the above date , the Officer Commanding regrets to say he is of the opinion that most probably Pte. Manley was killed in action.  Pte. Manley joined the Cyclist Battalion in October 1914; before that he worked at Messrs Jenkins and Jones's brewery. He arrived in France on his 20th birthday, July 27th last.

From a local paper dated 11/10/1916

Pte. P. J. Manley [Cyclist Battalion] son of P.C. Manley, of Huntingdon, is missing believed killed.  When resident at Stanground Pte. Manley acted as call boy for the G. E. Railway employees.

From a local paper dated 22/9/1916

It is rumoured that Pte. Percy Manley, Cyclist Battalion, attached Beds. Regiment, son of P.c. Manley, of Huntingdon, is missing, and support is lent to the report by the fact that his parents have not heard from him for several weeks.

He is remembered at the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing on the Somme in France. 

His brother also served in the HCB - Reginald Robert Manley

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