Bernard Jordan - Maurice Vernon Jordan.

Maurice Vernon Jordan, joined the Hunts. Cyclists as 'Bernard' and upon enlistment gave his address as 35 Monument Street, Peterborough, enlisting on the 02/11/1914 at the Battalion H. Q. in St. Mary's Street, Huntingdon.  He was enlisted in B Company of the 2/1st [Reserve] Hunts. Cyclists and allocated the number 934 - he was a private in the H C B.

Bernard was posted to the base depot B. E. F. France on 26th July 1916, he was rationed up to and for that day. Order was part 2 No. 171 issued by W. L. Stephenson, 2/Lieut. & acting Adjutant, 2/1st Hunts. Cyclist Battalion. The order was issued at Well Camp Alford at 8-00 p.m., 28th July 1916.  At the camp he was transferred as a private [39425] in 1st Battalion of the Royal Berkshire Regiment.

At the time he went to France he was listed as being a private in 'C' Company of the  2/1st HCB.

The photo shows 'Bernard' outside his billet at Filey.  He wears a cap with the cap badge of the HCB - known as the 'Rampant Stag.'  Over his right breast he wears the Imperial Service badge indicating that 'Bernard' had volunteered to serve overseas.  He poses with a standard issue swagger stick.

Family tradition indicated that this person was known as Maurice Vernon Jordan, born 29 Mar 1898 in the Peterborough area.  His enlistment name of 'Bernard' would appear to have been the name his workmates called him, and that he used this name as he was under age at the time he enlisted.   He was awarded the British War Medal and the Victory Medal which are inscribed to B Jordan No 934 Hunts Cycling Battalion. 

Records indicate that he died 1969.

Many thanks to Bruce and Kathy Jarvie who have supplied the family information on this soldier and connected 'Bernard' and Maurice Vernon Jordan as one and the same man. 


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