Vincent Howson.

. Extract from Hunts Post 19th November 1936.

Vicar as 'Unknown Soldier'

In mud-bespattered Khaki and steel helmet to represent the 'Unknown Soldier,' The Rev.Vincent Howson, Vicar of Ratcliffe, Limehouse, E., who one time resided in Buckden and joined the Hunts. Cyclist Battalion, stood before a poppy covered altar on Sunday and gave a message of peace to the congregation of St. Edmund's , Lombard Street. 'I am your son, your friend,' he said 'I am the teeming myriads, yet but one where is the peace I fought for, died to steal?' Mr. Howson, once an actor and a prisoner of war in Germany for two years, was standing only a few feet from the spot where St. Edmund's Church was hit by a bomb in an air-raid in 1917.  He stated that his impersonation of the 'Unknown Soldier' was not intended in any way to be a stunt, but that he hoped to make a strong appeal to the congregation.

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