Charles Hart.

Charles came from his home town of Hemingford Abbots, Huntingdonshire, to the Battalion H Q at St. Mary's Street, Huntingdon to enlist in the HCB.  He first appears on their rolls in August 1914.

One local newspaper entry indicated that he was badly wounded in 1918 and subsequently discharged from military service.  The same newspaper article indicated that he was wounded whilst serving with the 2/1st. Royal Fusiliers.

His name is on the Hemingford Abbots Roll of Honour.

          Photograph of Charles Hart in uniform.

Picture of H C B [C company]  -  Charles Hart is marked - Front row right hand side as viewed.


This photograph was in the family collection - none of the men are named or known.

Charles Hart - demobilisation papers.


His brother Tom Hart also served in the Hunts. Cycles.


Many thanks to Guy Hetherington for providing the family background and photos of this soldier. Tom was his grandfather.

Guy writes - 'Tom and Charles were both born in Hemingford Abbots, and as far as I am aware both enlisted in the Hunts Cyclist Battalion. According to my grandmother and stories told to me when I was a small boy, during the war my grandfather was wounded [possibly 1916]  He was wounded whilst fighting alongside his brother Charles.  Charles was sent back to Scarborough to recover, where he met my grandmother. My grandfather, although surviving the war never really fully recovered from his wounds, and sadly Tom was killed on the 21st March 1918 whilst attached to the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers'.

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Martyn Smith