Walter George Fuller.

A local paper of the 1/12/16 states - On Tuesday morning Mr. And Mrs. Fuller, of Carlisle Terrace, St. Ives, received a letter from at the their son Walter, who is lying in a French hospital wounded. The parents were in a state of anxiety, as it is several weeks since they heard from at their son.


Local papers of the 7/9/17 state.  St. Ives man killed.

We regret to have to report of the death of Private Walter George Fuller, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. George Fuller, of St. Ives, of the Hunts. attached to the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, who was killed in action in France on August 27th, 1917, aged 24 years. The following letter has been received by the bereaved parents from his officer; '31st August 1917.  Dear Sir, - it is with a very deep regret that I have to inform you of the death of your son, Private Fuller. He was killed on of 27th August during an attack by his company, by, I believe, an enemy shell. He was a well liked and a good soldier, and I offer you every sympathy in your sad bereavement. - Yours truly, H. Neath, 2nd Lieut.'

kia 1/7 Bat. Royal Warwickshire Regiment (T.F)  = 27/8/1917  

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