Victor George Fround.

Victor tried to join the Army in 1914 he was rejected as unfit due to these injuries.   [He was blind in one eye and missing three fingers from his left hand.  It seems these injuries occurred before the war, during his work as a sawyer]!


On 20th July 1916 he was ordered to present himself to the recruiting office in Tonbridge, where he was judged C1, fit for service at home, and subsequently enrolled in the Hunts Cyclists. 


He was transferred from the Infantry to the Royal Engineers [No. 524735] on 6th June 1917.  After arriving in France on 31st March 1918, on 28th May he was shot through the right hip and groin.  Having survived this wound after a spell in the Hospital Militaire De Golbey Espinal, he contracted influenza in Boulogne in November 1918.  This turned into broncho pneumonia and he ended up in hospital in Glasgow.


On his discharge a medical board found that he was perfectly fit and not entitled to any kind of pension!


Many thanks to Gill Colmer for the information provided here.  [Victor was her grandfather].

The above photograph is dated 23rd April 1917, Hanmanby Camp.

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