William James Cox.

  William James Cox was born in Battersea, London, on the 14th July 1879.  In August 1914 he was was married with 3 daughters.

William enlisted into the Hunts Cyclist Battalion on the 7/8/1914.  He was allocated the HCB number of 519 and gave his address as Eaton Ford, St. Neots, Hunts.  He was posted into 7 & 8 section of Number 6 Platoon the 1/1st Hunts Cyclists.  Upon enlistment he gave his occupation as a Miller.

He was posted into the Platoon of Sergeant Woods. Some years ago a copy of the platoon diary, kept by Sergeant Woods, was provided to the Webmaster.  The following data was extracted from that diary.  There are a number of photos in that diary, but none of these can be identified as William Cox.

Data extracted from the diary: - The notebook of Sergeant Sidney Woods indicates that he was one of 19 men in No. 7 and 8 section of No. 6 platoon.  The notebook also gives us the following information about this man. Religion C of E ; Boot size 8 ; Cap size 6.25" ; Height 5'-5" ; Chest 30" .

He was listed as Single. He had been vaccinated and inoculated with the rest of the men in his platoon.

His equipment numbers were:-

Rifle - 425

Bayonet - 1465686

Cycle - 37

He was given a full set of equipment that included, pouch right and left,100 rounds of ammunition, back pack, strap support, braces, cape straps, 2 boots, 3 blankets, waterproof sheet, bolster, paliase, field dressing, identity disc, mess tins, haversack, cycle, whistle and waist belt. The notebook also indicates that he joined the imperial force for a period of 4 years.

Family tradition indicates that he was invalided out of the war, the diary does not indicate this, but if he was it would have been whilst he was serving with the Royal Warwickshire Regiment (T.F) 

Further investigation is ongoing into William' Service details.

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. Many thanks to Pauline Lancaster for providing some of the background information on William.  William was the great grandmotherís husband of Pauline.

If you can help with any data on this Huntingdonshire Cyclist please contact me at huntscycles@btinternet.com

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