Stanley Frederick Chamberlain.


Stanley was born in 1894 and his birth was registerd in the June Quarter 1894 - ref St.Neots 3b, 291.
Although wounded in France he survived the war and returned to live in Offord he was buried at Offord Darcy on the 21 December 1940, aged 46 years.

Stanley enlisted in the HCB on the 31/10/1914 at their Huntingdon H Q in St. Mary's and was posted to the 2/1st Battalion and put straight into B Company with the HCB number 896.  He later was posted into the 1/1st Battalion.  He gave his address as Offord Darcy.

He was one of a large number of men from the Reserve Bat. who volunteered for active service. They marched through Huntingdon behind their band on the Saturday (before 23 December 1914), and departed from the station in additional coaches that were attached to the 10.06 train. No destination was given for the train or the men of the Reserve Battalion. The report was in the Huntingdonshire Post dated 23 Dec. 1914.

Later in 1916 a newspaper stated that he was wounded, and suffered from trench fever, he was sent home from hospital in Glasgow for 10 days sick leave.

He went to France and was posted to the 16 (Service) Bat. Royal Warwickshire Regt. with the Army number of 203460 and at some time was in the 15th Bat. Royal Warwickshire Regt.

Many thanks to Herbert Norris, who is carrying out research on the Offord Darcy Roll of Honour, for additional information on the family and background details on this soldier.

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