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Local newspaper entries indicate that by 23/10/14 =

The Huntingdon Boys at Filey.

Colour Sergeant Clayton sends an interesting letter from the Hunts Cyclist Battalion at Filey. The B Company recently gave a concert in aid of Hornsea Convalescent Home, where they send all at the sick from a whole Battalion. "Our large room," he says, "was crowded, and we were able to send four pounds ten shillings. The next day (Sunday) at our service a collection was made for the same subject, and 25s. 7d. was collected from the men of A and B Companies. I have just come in (10 o'clock) a from a special job where some of my men are watching a farmhouse and at 10.15 I am off again with Captain Lowe visiting sentries along the cliffs and shall be out most of the night. Last night a bad accident happened to Willows, of our company. He was on duty on the cliffs near Clayton, and, on getting over a wide fence, fell on his head. His leg was also injured by the wire, and it was at first thought the limb broken. A motor lorry was sent out for him, with stretcher-bearers, and he was quickly conveyed to our billets, where he had every care and attention given him. We have many bad arms just now. All the boys are quite well except Willows and Hector, from Brampton , who broke his leg playing football about three weeks ago. I wish I had my little Rover here now; it would be most useful. I am thinking of fetching it up here, but the roads are something awful, as sharp as knives. B Co. are holding their own here are very well; they have never been beaten yet in a football match. Their concerts are always crowded out, and both companies have won the esteem in respect of towns people of Filey, be seen as if they cannot do enough for us. I have a very comfortable room to myself, and the men have three blankets each, and can have straw mattresses if they wish, but they don't seem to want them, as they say they want to get hardened, ready for going to the front. They are not half anxious to get at 'em. "

Local newspaper entries indicate 16/10/14 = Territorial vocalists at Filey.

A programme to hand from the Huntingdon Cyclists at Filey shows they are using their vocal abilities in a good cause. Those taking part in a musical programme included Colour Sergeant Clayton, Private Barker, Private G. Mann, Private Froment, Private Dawson, Corporal Wilderspin and Private Hunter.

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