C. S. M. Chandler


Information taken from a local newspaper - 29/8/1914  The County Cyclist Battalion.  A member of the Hunts. Cyclist Battalion writes: -"Some of our party have moved into some very comfortable quarters here (Withernsea) and are doing some useful work on the coast.  With a very few exception, the entire Battalion has volunteered to undertake service abroad should it be asked of them.  Without going into details, it may be said that the Hunts. Battalion - the "baby" Regiment of the Arm - has received many congratulations on their work , and the zest they throw into it.  The following have been promoted to the rank of   Colour Sergeant, in each case a well deserved recognition of good work: A. Co. Sergt. Walton ; B. Co. Sergeant Clayton ; C. Co. Sergeant W. Dawson ; D. Co. Sergeant Taylor ; E. Co. Sergeant Hitch ; F. Co. Sergeant Chesterfield ; G. Co. Sergeant Baxter ; H. Co. Sergeant Wiles. 

Information taken from a local newspaper - 21/7/1916  The family of the late Company Sergeant Major Chandler, of Spaldwick, were officially informed on the 18th inst. that he died of wounds received in action on June 28th. Accompanying the notification was a letter expressing the King and Queen's sympathy.

Information taken from a local newspaper - 8/10/16 - Sergt. Chandler [Cyclist Battalion], of Spaldwick, is lying in Gloucester Red Cross
Hospital, severely wounded in both legs. He has been visited by his sister, and is making satisfactory progress.

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