J. J. Blake.

He was mentioned in a poem in the spring issue of the HCB Gazette 1915, he was a Colour Sergeant at Filey.

At a sports meeting held for B company of the 1/1st Battalion held on 15th April 1916, he was noted as being a Sergeant Major and Judge, the prizes for this event, at the request of Captain K.  Hunnybun, were presented by Mrs. J. B. Laurance.

He later was the Regimental Sergeant Major in the 1st Northamptonshire regiment.

Many thanks to Maxwell Blake for supplying these magnificent photos and for allowing these photos to be added to my site. 

Family tradition is that he and his wife - grandparents of Max would slope off to Filey every year with all their chums, possibly as part of an old comrades' reunion at the source.  The child in both photos is the son of J J Blake, father of Max, and he was born in 1912.

Information from the HCB Gazette, Spring Edition of 1915, indicated that he was one of five Sergeants (Major) in A company of the 1/1st HCB.



This photo was taken at the first HCB camp at Skegness in July 1914.
A of a group of H C B men including J. J. Blake of an unknown date.   
A very rare WWI 'dog tag' from the H C B with the name of J J Blake printed on it with his service number and the initials C E = Church of England. 

This is the only old style 'dog tag' known to exist from the HCB.


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