Frank Herbert Brown.


Frank Herbert Brown came from Little Barford, Huntingdonshire and enlisted in the Hunts Cyclists at their H Q in St Mary's Street, Huntingdon.  He was posted to the 2/1st Battalion of that unit and given the HCB number of 1544.

He went to France with a unit around the 16th August 1916 where he was transferred into the 1/5 Bat. Royal Warwickshire Regiment (T.F) and allocated the Army number 203417.  Records indicate he was wounded some date before the 22/9/1916.  He is recorded as dying at home on the 18/6/1917 and is buried in St Denys Little Barford Churchyard, Little Barford, St. Neots, Huntingdonshire. One record indicates that he was a Lance Corporal in the Warwicks.

His War and Victory medals are, unusually, engraved "1544 Pte F H Brown. Hunts Cyc Bn".

His parents are noted as being George and Rachel Brown and he gave his spouse as Maud Rachel.

St. Neots Advertiser - 22-6-1917.

Death of Lce. Corporal Frank Brown of Little Barford.

The relatives of Lce. Corporal Frank Herbert Brown, Lt. Barford, were greatly shocked and distressed to receive on Monday evening a wire announcing his death at a hospital in Wales.

Last August he was wounded, but only slightly, and did not come to England. In December he was attacked with illness, believed to be cramp in the muscles, and, after being in hospital in Manchester, went to the hospital in Llandrindrod Well for Baths.

Here he was believed to be going on satisfactorily, and, only on Monday morning, his wife and mother received letters from him written in a most cheerful strain. He had been marked fit for coming home. His age was 30, and he was married, in April 1916, to Maud, eldest daughter of Mr. S. Warner, St. Neots. Ever since he left school he has worked for Mr. Alington, and was highly esteemed in the village. Originally he was in the Cyclists, but was transferred to the Warwicks. His relatives think he has suffered Pleurisy.

Mrs. Brown has received the following letter:- Rock Park Spa Auxiliary Military Hospital, Llandrindrod Wells, June 18, 1917.

Dear Madam, Confirming the wire which was sent to you today, we regret to say that with scarcely any warning your husband passed away this afternoon about 2:30. The doctor saw him yesterday and he appeared to be going on very nicely. After a good dinner today and whilst he was laughing and talking with the other patients he said he felt a shortness of breath and passed away almost immediately. Had the Medical Officer thought his condition was serious, he would have sent to tell you so. But he was making good progress, and it was his wish not to alarm you unduly. His heart gave out at last. Probably the heat overcame him. We tender you our sincere sympathy, and beg to assure you all was done that could be done to restore his health.

He was a very good patient and appreciated everything that was done for him. G. R Baillie, Supt. Pp D.A.D..

The funeral took place at Little Barford Church on Thursday, the Rector [Rev. S. St. A. Baylee] officiating. "Jesu, lover of my soul," was sung. The family mourners were: Mr. G. Brown [father] and Mrs. F. Brown [widow], Mrs. G. Brown [mother] and Mr. J. Brown [brother], Mrs. J. Brace and Mrs. J. Brown [brother-in-law & sister-in-law], Mr. S. Warner and Mrs. A Ibbett, Mr. R. Hill and Mr. Frank Brace, Miss F. Warner and Mr. G. Brace, Miss L. Warner and Mr. C. Brown, Willie Warner and Jackie Brown, Mrs. F. Johnson and Miss Malin, Mrs. E. Stanton and Mrs. J. Brace, Mrs. Coppock, Pte. George Jordan [Yorks. Regt.], Lce. Corpl. G. W. Brace [Beds. Regt.].

There were numerous wreaths listed - including one 'From a Comrade, Pte. H. R. Gray [Royal Warwicks].


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