William Allen.

   William came from Hemingford Abbots in Huntingdonshire and enlisted in the Transport Section of C Company the 1/1st HCB in 1914.

Local newspaper entries indicate that by 17th October 1914 Provisional Corporal W. Allen had been promoted to the rank of Sergeant at the time it was indicated that he was serving in C Company.

During his time in the H C B he was noted as being the best man at a wedding of his friend E. F. Hemmings.

He then transferred to Bedfordshire Regiment with the number 290062 as a private [this often happened on transfer].

Transfer was with a block of HCB men - thought to have gone to France in September 1916 - no proof of this as only working from 

block number analysis of his Army number.


He survived the war and his name is on the Hemingford Abbots Roll of Honour.


Thanks to family members who have contacted me we can identify him on a group photo and have been given permission to add his photo to this page.


We also believe that he was at Filey on the East Coast doing sentry duty at the Gasworks on night whilst serving as a Sergeant, but as the duty had been checked the night before they 'slipped off duty' and a site visit resulted in them being caught out and 'busted' in rank back to Privates.  It is thought that G. L. Day, from St. Ives was on the disciplinary panel.


William Allen.

. Hunts Cyclist Battalion N.C.O.'s at Skegness Camp July 1914.

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