Information from a local  newspaper dated 18/9/14 - Joining the Colours. The raising of the standard of height and chest measurement has put a considerable check on the number of recruits offering themselves for enlistment at Huntingdon, and defective teeth have caused several well built fellows to be rejected. There is, we are asked to state, an urgent call for pensioned non-commissioner officers to rejoin the ranks. In addition to the pensions they are now entitled to receive pay of the rank they fill on rejoining. 

Information from a local  newspaper dated October 1914 - The enrolment for the Hunts. Cyclist Reserve has been proceeding satisfactorily during the past ten days - there are signs that Cromwell's County is awakening to the country's need. 

 Information from a local  newspaper dated 11/2/15 - Coming in well.  Recruiting for the extra at 200 men, sanctioned by the War Office, on the strength of the two Hunts. Cyclist Battalions is going on apace, and at the meetings which Lord Sandwich has been attending this week are expected to cause acceleration.

Information from a local  newspaper dated 7/2/16 - A large draft has passed through the Cyclist headquarters this week - 50 new recruits, mostly from Kent, arrived one morning last week.


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