Lord Sandwich.

. On Sunday 13th September 1914 the recruiting of men for the Army moved to a meeting held in the grounds of Kimbolton Castle, by kind permission of Lord Charles Montagu . A huge crowd attended the gathering and were addressed by Lord Charles Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich, local councillors and Lord Lovat. A band of pipers and drummers from the Gordon Highlanders, who were stationed locally, played during the afternoon and into the early evening, the event resulted in a large number of recruits being enrolled into the H C B.

From a local paper dated 7/8/14 = Lord Sandwich Cheered.    Lord Sandwich, the Lord Lieutenant for Hunts., was loudly cheered as he drove up in his motor car to attend the service of intercession for the war in connection with the Hunts Cyclist Corps at All Saints' Church, Huntingdon on Wednesday evening.  

7/8/14 = Good - Bye = Territorials leave Huntingdon.

Since the beginning of the week the headquarters of the Hunts Cyclist Territorials at Huntingdon has been seen of the greatest activity, and many recruits were accepted. The whole of the two Huntingdon companies were paraded on on Tuesday evening, and again on Wednesday previous to the church parade. Further equipment, including trenching tools - a sort of combination of small pick and spade - was issued, and the whole of the men and their equipment were carefully inspected. Early this (Thursday) morning they were paraded and Marched to the Huntingdon Great North Region Station, ready for conveyance to their appointed station. Soon after 8.00 the railway station was surrounded by a large crowd. The Earl of Sandwich , in uniform, arrived by motor, and Mrs. Howard Coote and party were present in their car and Mrs. Barkley had also driven to the station. At 8:30 the train arrived, partly filled by the St. Neots contingent, under Lt. K. Hunnybun. The engine drew out and coupled on to the luggage vans standing in the dock and these were backed onto the front of the train. Meanwhile the two Huntingdon companies had arrived singing loudly and had been welcomed by cheering from the crowd. Safely in the trying the greater part of the "terriers" removed their coats, while at least two heads were hanging out of each open window and other faces were pressed against the glass. The shunting of the luggage was not yet complete and the interval was spent in the singing of "are we downhearted?" And popular songs learnt at Skegness during the recent camp and the shouting of "good - byes" to relatives and friends, who were either lining the railings of the up platform, or standing on the down platform at the carriage doors. At 8:40, when the train began to move, handkerchiefs were waved from the windows and both soldiers and crowd re doubled their cheers, which were continued until last of the train had passed under the bridge. The officers in charge were Captains M.  Barkley,  and A. R. Lowe, and Lieuts. J. M. S. Gardner, while Captain Cook joined the battalion later.

At a recruiting meeting in Huntingdon on Saturday 19th September 1914, Lord Lovat, the Earl of Sandwich and the Mayor of Huntingdon, together with local councillors, all appealed to a large crowd for recruits to come and join the local battalion, the H C B. It is said that the recruits at this meeting were given a Lovat Scout button that they were allowed to wear on their new H C B uniform.

4/12/14 Proclamation.

There are no new all special grounds for apprehension, but as it is not impossible that a hostile landing might take place in this County, the Government has issued instructions to Lord Lieutenants for the guidance of the civil population in the event of a belligerent operations in the United Kingdom.

 I have appointed a Central Organising Committee and Local Emergency Committee is who have organised with the Military Authorities the precautions which may be deemed advisable.

 The police, assisted by Special Constables, will instruct the inhabitants as to the course which it may become necessary to adopt.

 The Government will give reasonable compensation for property destroyed by owners under instructions for all the Military Authorities or of the Police or Special Constables acting under the Military Authorities.

I rely upon the inhabitants to afford all assistance which may be required by the Military Authorities to give ready and implicit obedience to the directions of the Police.

Sandwich, Lord Lieutenant.


From a local paper dated 25/12/1914   Recruiting in the villages.   A few recruits have resulted from the meetings held at the latter end of last week arranged by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee.  At Alconbury Weston the Rev. W. S. Williams presided, and the speakers were Capt. Wootton, Messrs G. E. Oldmeadow and R. C. Grey.  On Friday at Great Staughton the chair was taken by the Rev. Rushforth, and addresses were given by Lord Sandwich, Captain Wootton and Mr. Oldmeadow.  At Hamerton on Saturday evening Rev. G. A. Green presided, and appeals for recruits were made by Captain Wootton and Mr. Oldmeadow.

From a local paper dated 29/1/1915    The Reserve Cyclists were inspected by Hon. Colonel Lord Sandwich at Hinchingbrooke Park on Tuesday.

From a local paper dated 5/10/1917 Lord Sandwich is in Holland on business connected with the Red Cross and Prisoners of War.

From a local paper dated 10/3/1917   The Earl of Sandwich has been  selected as chairman of the County Appeal Tribunal for Hunts. under the Military Service Act. and Mr. F. N. Butler is to act as secretary.  An immense number of appeals from the decisions of the local tribunal have been entered, and the appeal tribunal is likely to find plenty of work before it.  


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