Raymond Arthur Robinson.

. Raymond Arthur Robinson came from Kettering in Northamptonshire and enlisted in the H C B [one record indicated as a private soldier] at some date before 14/5/1915 when he first appears in their records; at that time his occupation was listed as being a clerk.  Little is known of his service in the HCB as the Battalion orders for this period are missing but it is known that he received his commission in the Hunts Cyclists on the 31st October 1917.

He was later attached to 'A' Coy of the 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment and was sent to France on the 26th September 1918 and was subsequently wounded at Auby on the 14th October 1918 whilst serving with that Regiment.  A fellow Hunts. Cyclist officer Lieutenant S. B. Powditch was wounded in the same action as Raymond Arthur Robinson.

He was later promoted again to Lieutenant on the 1st May 1919.  His name is mentioned in the history of the Cambridgeshire Regimental history by Riddell and Clayton [ pp254].

From the Hunts Post 15th December 1921, states that from the London Gazette (7th December 1921), and AO-166/21 amended AO-332/21, he relinquished his commission on 30th September 1921, and kept his rank of Lieutenant. By this reference he survived the war.

Thanks also to Robin James for the provision of some of the above information.

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