Frank John Read.

. From a local paper dated 10/11/1916 - The following Second Lieutenants of the Hunts. Cyclists have been promoted temporary Lieutenants; - F. J. Read, P. Plowman, A. W. Wilson, W. T. Stephenson, J. E. Gripper, F. T. Burdett.

From a local paper dated 10/11/1916 - Second Lieut. (temporary Lieutenant) W. J. Satchell, of the Hunts. Cyclist, is promoted to temporary Captain, and Second Lieutenants F. J. Read, P. Plowman, A. W. Wilson, W. L. Stephenson, J. E. Gripper, and F. T. Burditt are to be temporary Lieutenants.  

HCN – 25-5-1917 REF 275 = “MARRIAGE OF LIEUT. F. J. READ” -              

“The marriage of Lieut. F. J. Read, elder son of Mr. J. J. Read and Mrs. Read, of Huntingdon, and Miss Marjory D’Arcy Smallbones, of Lancaster House, Alderman’s Drive, of Peterborough, took place very quietly owing to the bereavement in the bridegroom’s family, he having lost an elder brother in the Somme advance, at St. John’s Church, Peterborough, on Saturday.  The Rev. Cannon Morse officiated, assisted by the Rev. A. J. Seaman.”

From a local paper dated 17/2/1917 - Capt. Aubrey, Lieut. Read, Lieut. Plowman, Lieut. Allan Wilson, and Lieut. Dawson, were in a draft of officers that left for the front on Tuesday.


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