J. C. S. Musk

. From a local paper dated  17/10/1914 under a heading "The Hunts. Cyclist Battalion." orders for Sunday (< 17/10/1914)  gave the following change of company responsibility for the officers, it was also stated that these changes were by no means permanent. Lieutenant  H. Wootton with Captain Musk were to take charge of a Home Defence Unit at Huntingdon.

Major J. C. S. Musk - Under Battalion orders, [Part 2] issued by Lieut. Col. M. D. Barkley, officer commanding 2/1st Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion issued at Beechlands, Skegness on 15th September 1918, and signed by W.J. Satchell (Captain and Adjutant), on 14th September 1918 at 5-00 p.m., [Regulars] records indicate that he was allocated the additional sum of 6/3d in respect of additional housing allowance for part of May, June, July and this sum has been placed with the officer.

30/10/1914 = Recruiting at Broughton A meeting was held in the school on Friday to obtain recruits for the Hunts. Cyclist Battalion.  Mr. W. M. Richards presided, and Lord Sandwich made a stirring speech.  His Lordship was ably supported by Capt. Musk and lieutenant Wootton.  Several ladies were present, and were most enthusiastic, especially when three promising young men came forward to enlist.  Altogether six young men have joined the Battalion, making eight from the village, and two had previously joined the Yeomanry.

Captain J. C. S. Musk - by mid December 1914 he had now been posted to H Company of the Hunts. Cyclist Reserve Battalion. [2/1stH.C.B.]

22 January 1916 "The London Gazette announces that Captain J. C. S. Musk is appointed adjutant of the Hunts. Cyclist Bat. and that Lieut. (temp. Capt.) sic, H. Wootton, relinquishes the temporary rank of Captain and vacates the appointment adjutant."  

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