Hugh Richard Longbourne.

. Hugh Richard Longbourne - Captain in the 7th Royal West Surrey Regiment. He died 3-5-17, age 32 in France.  He was the son of Charles R. V.  & Caroline Elizabeth Ainslie Longbourne of Highmead, Guildford, Surrey. He was Born in Ripsley, Sussex. He helped raise and later commanded a full company of the Hunts. Cyclists at Ramsey during February 1914. He went to France and transferred into the QRWS in 1916. He was awarded the DSO for an action he took part in near Schwaben Redoubt, around Thiepval. Prior to the war he was an agent for Lord de Ramsey.

Hugh R Longbourne DSO Captain. Former commanding officer of Ramsey company of the Huntingdonshire Cyclists and agent for Lord de Ramsey. The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Rgt). DSO for gallantry at Schwaben Redoubt, Thiepval, Somme, (LG 25-11-16): "He crawled to within 25 yards of an enemy strongpoint and bombed the enemy with good effect. Later, with a sergeant and a private, he rushed the strongpoint, capturing a machine gun and 40 unwounded prisoners.'' He was killed in action on 22-5-17 at Cherisy.

He is remembered in Heninel Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais, France.

CAPT. H.R. LONGBOURNE was a partner in the firm of Rogers and Longbourne, Estate Agents, Ramsey. While at Repton he served three years in the school contingent of the Officers Training Corps. Afterwards while working in Lewes he served three more years in the Sussex Imperial Yeomanry. He went to Ramsey in 1906.

Hunts Post 8-12-1916 ref. 233 – Photo HCB 155 - “CAPTAIN LONGBOURNE  D.S.O.”

“ The residents of Ramsey and the district heard with delight on Monday that Captain HUGH RICHARD LONGBOURNE   ROYAL WEST SURREY REGIMENT, had been awarded the DISTINGUISHED SERVICE ORDER in recognition of his gallantry and devotion to duty at the front.  The following is the official report of the gallant service for which Capt. Longbourne was awarded the distinction:-  “ He crawled to within 25 yards of an enemy strong point and bombed the enemy with good effect.  Later, with a sergeant and a Private he rushed the strong point, capturing a machine gun and 46 unwounded prisoners. ” Capt. H.R. Longbourne D.S.O. is a son of the late Charles Ranken Vickerman Longbourne, of Ripsley, Liphook, Hants.  He comes from a military family which is well known throughout the county.  One of his brothers Col. Frank Longbourne, received the D.S.O. some time ago; another brother, Driver J. Longbourne came over from Canada, and is now at the Front, while a third brother, who also came from Canada, is likewise serving his country with the colours.  Capt. Longbourne for the past eight years has been associated with Mr. P. L. Rogers J. P. of Ramsey, in the firm of Rogers and Longbourne, agents for Lord De Ramsey’s and other estates in the county.  At the outbreak of war he was officer commanding the Ramsey company of the Hunts. Cyclist Battalion, and subsequently he did duty with the Battalion on the Yorkshire coast.  He was afterwards transferred to the West Surreys and has been at the Front a few months.  He is a typical officer, fearless, respectful, with the instinct for leadership.  Those serving under him could not help feeling complete confidence in his strength and capability.  Since proceeding to France he has (one who knows him states) again and again been highly spoken of by reason of his cool and confident handling of his men and his unfailing judgement.  A keen sportsman, it is only to be expected that, however hazardous an undertaking he sets out to fulfil – as witness his exploit for which he was awarded the D.S.O. – he would carry it out with a true sporting spirit, and an enthusiasm which is infinitely suprising.  The few lines which sum up his achievement in the trenches, brief as they are, conjure forth the daring, the sacrifice and the devotion to duty of Capt. Longbourne.  Crawling to within a few yards of an enemy stronghold is in itself an adventure attended by imminent risk, one in which many a good soldier has paid the penalty; but to follow this by a bombardment of the enemy unaided all question an experience calculated to try the nerve and determination of the bravest.  Capt. Longbourne did this, and more than this.  The latter part of the short official report covers what must have been an exceptionally courageous and brilliant feet.  Accompanied only by a sergeant and private he rushed the point at which he aimed his bombs, and bagged, not only a machine gun, but 46 unwounded prisoners – 15 to 1.  One can imagine the reception Capt. Longbourne and his men received when they returned with their haul!  While at Ramsey, Capt. Longbourne had occupied the position of Captain of the Town F.C., and did yeoman service for the club.  As a cricketer he excelled.  Besides being a fine bowler he is a brilliant bat.  Frequently he was seen at Peterborough in pre-war days, and his innings was always a delight to watch.  He has also taken a great part in the Red Cross work in the County of Hunts.

December 2nd 1916 – Photo HCB 155 - “ Ramsey D.S.O. (Capt. Longbourne.)   Capt. Hugh Richard Longbourne, D.S.O. Royal west Surrey Regt. (formally “E” Co. Hunts. Cyclist Battalion), Ramsey, Hunts. Has been gazetted this week recipient of the coveted D.S.O.  The record is as follows:- “ He crawled to within 25 yards of an enemy strong point and bombed the enemy with good effect.  Later, with a sergeant and a Private he rushed the strong point, capturing a machine gun and 46 unwounded prisoners. ”  It was whilst at Filey, Captain Longbourne married Miss Dora Bristow, of London, and was the recipient of shoals of congratulations on the occasion of their military honeymoon by the sea. “

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