Martin Gerald Woodley Hunnybun.

. He was one of two sons of Gerald Hunnybun (Edward Walter's brother) both went into the same solicitor firm. 

Martin Gerald Woodley Hunnybun(1880-1929)  Later transferred to the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.

His father wrote to a local paper = 25/9/1914 Fruit and Vegetables Wanted.      Mr. G. Hunnybun asks us to state that there is a great scarcity of fruit and vegetables where the Hunts. Cyclist Battalion are quartered, and any gifts from this district would be most welcome.

The local Battalion was recently increased in numbers as a result of an open-air meeting that was brought together outside the Town Hall in Godmanchester on Monday night [7/9/14]. There were several addresses, Mr. Beard? spoke of the duty that all young and able men should join the ranks of the Army. Mr. Gerald Hunnybun, a local solicitor, also spoke about England's just cause for war, and then appealed to all young men present to uphold the honour of both the county and the country.

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