A. [Lesley] Fuller.

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"Many concert parties were organized during the Great War among men who gallantly strive to help their comrades to forget the tragedies of those days but few have continued in the years after that great conflict and gained the success the "Ped'lers" have obtained.  The "Ped'lers" originated in the early days of the War.  Mr Leslie Fuller was gazetted Second Lieutenant of the Huntingdonshire Cycling  Battalion.  He was posted in this company owing to his wonderful record and championship which he obtained in the heyday of cycle racing.  He had not been with the battalion long before his connection with the stage was discovered - Mr Fuller rarely talks about himself - and he was requested to form a battalion concert party.  He was fortunate enough to discover some really good professional talent in the battalion and the performances were a great success.  Before long the genial Leslie was hailed as one of the leading comedians in the British Army.  Naturally, the party chose a name having some connection with the name of the battalion, hence the "Ped'lers" meaning "The Men that Pedal".  The battalion were later moved to Whitby, Yorkshire, where the party gave some good performances in the Coliseum.  Mr Fuller afterwards became lessee of that theatre."        It was extracted from the Isle of Thanet Gazette dated 22 June 1929

The Ped’lers gave some performances at Whitby’s Coliseum Theatre and after the war Leslie returned to Whitby and continued performing with the Ped'lers and later became the lessee of the Coliseum there. 

The Ped'ers performed at Margate through to the 1930s when Leslie's film career took off.  He appeared in many films but later his style of comedy when out of fashion.  He returned to Margate in 1945 where he was elected to serve as a Councillor.  Leslie died on 28 April 1948.

Celia believes that he was born in 1888 in or around Bethnal Green, London.  He may well have 'adjusted' his age in his business, for example, his obituary in 1948 gave his age as 57 which would make his year of birth 1891.  His parents were Albert Fuller and Amelia née Lepley.  The 1901 census show the family living at 156 Mansford Street, Bethnal Green.  However, in 1914 before he joined up, Leslie was performing in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.  He was married in 1914 in Weston-super-Mare and his wife’s name was Beatrice A Witham.


. Many thanks to Celia Lacey for the information on Leslie Fuller and the connection with A. Fuller - He was recorded as A. Fuller in the HCB orders.  Cecila is a distant relation of Leslie.

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