H. P. E. Dawson.

. The Peterborough 'Standard,' reported in September 1914, some of its staff were leaving, "two members of our editorial staff are now serving King and country, Mr. H. P. Dawson has been with the Hunts. Cyclist Battalion ever since the Territorials were mobilised, and other members of our printing staff is also in the Hunts. Cyclists, in the meantime those staff who remain are doing their best to cope with the heavy work such depletion necessarily entails."

He was  best man at the wedding of  William Leonard King Mann Second lieutenant in the HCB son of W. M. Mann of Southend on Sea married Alice Mary Purser of St. Peters Road Huntingdon on Saturday < 3/11/1916. [also a HCB officer].

From a local paper dated 18/5/17   =  Lieut. H. P. Dawson, a member of the literary staff of the Peterborough and Hunts Standard has been in the thick of the fighting. In a cheerful letter he writes that he has been in the German trenches, and has now received an appointment as Lieutenant and Quartermaster at the rear of the fighting a line. He incidentally mentions having met Colonel Butler, of St. Neots.

17/2/1917 Capt. Aubrey, Lieut. Read, Lieut. Plowman, Lieut. Allan Wilson, and Lieut. Dawson, were in a draft of officers that left for the front on Tuesday.

24/2/1917 Lieut. Allen Wilson and Sec. - Lieut H P E Dawson, late of the Cyclist Battalion, are attached to the Lincolnshire Regiment at the front, and are serving together.

ieut. H. Dawson (Peterborough) - He was the treasurer of the " Hunts. Cyclists' old Comrades Association " formed in 1932 and meetings held at the Territorial Hut Fletton.

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