G. L. Day.

. From a local paper - 14/8/1914    Excitement at St. Ives.    A St. Ives on Monday and Tuesday, as the reservists went off, there were many pathetic scenes at the railway station.  The mobilisation of the Territorials added to the excitement.  The men showed eagerness to respond to the call.  Kit and luggage were sent off on Wednesday evening, and the men paraded on the Armoury shortly after 6 a.m. on Thursday.  A huge throng awaited them on Market Hill, where the St. Ives scouts had paraded their Bugle Band playing the Royal Salute.  Lieuts. G. L. Day and J. H. . Hankin were in command of the company, which numbered nearly 50 non-coms. and men.  In the Broadway nearly 100 scouts, who were encamped in the town, lined up, and as the Terriers passed through the line, their Bugle Band played the Royal Salute.  A halt was made on the awaits and when the men finally went off for Huntingdon they were cheered again and again.

From a local paper - 8/6/1918   Major G. S. [L]. Day, Hunts. Cyclists, attached Gloucester Regiment, is also mentioned in dispatches, by Sir Douglas Haig for actions during the recent the fighting in France.

"Major G. L. Day will be pleased to entertain all officers, warrant officers, n.c.o.'s and men who served under him in C company during the first part of the war at a dinner to be held in the Constitutional Hall, St. Ives on Saturday, December 30th at 6.30 p.m.. Admission will only be by ticket. Applications for tickets, before December 10th ?? too either Coy-Sergeant Major Dawson West-----, St. Ives or Sergeant W. Hurl, Garden Cottage, Ramsey Heights, Hunts.  Motor lorries will leave the clock in Great Whyte, Ramsey at 5.00 p.m., calling at the Jubilee Clock, Warboys at 5.30 p.m. to convey men to St. Ives and back after the dinner.  Dress : Civilian clothes."

[Ref. 698 & 688]  George Lewis Day - Major 2/5th Gloucestershire Regt, formerly subaltern in the Huntingdon Cyclist battalions.  Son of George Dennis and Margaret Jane Day - Born St. Ives in 1890, born and living at Rheola Villa, Pig Lane (1891). Educated at Repton, and member of the school O. T. C..  Entered St. John's College Cambridge in October 1910 and graduated a B .A. in 1913.  His interest were rowing and yachting.  Commissioned as a Lieut. in the HCB on 27th February 1914 and promoted to Captain on 30th August 1914.  He was a solicitor and Clerk to the Justices of Broadway in 1930.  He married Dorothy Gwendoline.  He was District Registrar in about 1935.  He died 28th March 1972 aged 81 and is buried in Houghton Hill cemetery.

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