G. H. Abbott.

. Lieut. G. H. Abbott - He was one of five Lieutenants in charge of a contingent of 130 men of the Hunts. Reserve Battalion who had volunteered for active service in December 1914. They left from Huntingdon station in carriages attached to the 10:06 train for the East Coast.

G H Abbott - 24/12/1914 = " A rousing send off "   "A contingent of the Hunts. Reserve Battalion who have volunteered for active service, had a splendid send off on Saturday.  As they marched, headed by their band, the men presented a smart appearance in their new equipment and as a body they were all in good physique.  At the station the band played selections including "Three cheers for the red white and blue" and the men lustily sang "Tipperary."  Colonel Stanley was present.  The carriages were attached to the 10:06 train in which were a number of soldiers who during the wait, waltzed up and down the platform to the amusement of the spectators.  As the train started the band played the National anthem, and the cheers of the spectators both on the platform and roadway overlooking the station were vigorously by the men in the carriages.  The officers in command were Lieutenants H. Cresswell ; H. L. Dymoke ; C. Mellows and N. W. Wadham. 

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