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4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment.

Drafts reaching the unit

The 4th Bedfordshire Regt. War Diary records in great detail casualties, drafts, and officers and men leaving or re-joining the battalion due to diverse circumstances. Unfortunately for our cause, it doesn't mention the unit of origin of the drafts (but then this is usually the case with most War Diaries), so we are not able to know with exactitude when (or if) the draft of men from the 2/1st Huntingdonshire Cyclists joined the Battalion. We know that men of this draft eventually ended in the 7th Bn. Northamptonshire Rgt., so the chances are that they had been or had originally intended to reinforce in the 4th Bedfordshire Bn., but due to the course of events, were finally drafted to the 7th Northamptonshire Bn.  The other probability is that they were indeed in the 4th Bedfordshire Bn. and then were transferred to the 7th Northamptonshire Bn. it is interesting to know that the 190th and 73rd Brigades (to which these battalions belonged), were in close touch at the beginning of October 1918 (not something to reach definitive conclusions, but interesting to bear in mind). It must be also considered that, at this stage of the war, men from the Huntingdonshire Cyclists were given Bedfordshire Regimental numbers.  G. Porta

Manpower fluctuations in the 4th Bn. Bedfordshire Rgt.: January-July 1918

2 Officers died of wounds, and 2 were gassed.
16 OR were killed, 39 were wounded and 29 were gassed.
The battalion was reinforced by 111 OR and an officer rejoined the battalion.

1 Officer was killed and 2 were struck off strength due to sickness.
OR was Killed and 4 gassed.
The battalion was reinforced by 13 officers and 299 OR from the disbanded 8th battalion Bedfordshire Regiment, and 1 officer rejoined.


7 Officers were killed, 7 were wounded, 5 were gassed (mustard gas), 6 were missing, 3 were struck off strength due to sickness.
21 OR were killed, 88 were wounded, 264 were gassed (mustard gas), 124 were missing.
3 Officers joined the battalion.


2 Officers were killed, 2 wounded, 5 were struck off strength due to sickness, 1 was struck off strength to be transferred, 13 were sent to Divisional Wing.
16 OR were killed, 82 were wounded,  72 sent to Divisional Wing.
41 Officers joined and 1 rejoined.
666 O R joined the battalion (of these, 17 were from 26th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers, and 188 from the 12th Bn. South Wales Borderers).


1 Officer was killed, 2 officers were missing, 5 were wounded, 2 were gassed, 1 was struck off strength to be transferred and 2 struck off strength due to sickness.
10 OR were killed, 11 were missing, 53 were wounded and 93 gassed
4 Officers and 184 OR Joined.


1 Officer was transferred to England due to sickness, 3 officers went on leave to England and 1 was struck off strength to attend a course.
5 OR were killed and 17 were wounded.
3 Officers and  124 OR joined.


1 Chaplain was struck off strength to England, 1 Officer was truck off strength  for 6 months exchange, 2 were struck off strength unfit and/or sick, 1 ceased to be attached and 2 proceeded on leave.
2 OR were killed, 2 were wounded, 1 was gassed.
7 Officers, 1 chaplain and 217 OR joined.

4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment   War Diary for the month of August 1918.

1 August 1918 - Henu Battn. Training - 1 O.R. joined.
2 August 1918 1 O.R. joined.
3 August 1918 2/Lt. T. D. TURNER struck off strength sick to England.
4 August 1918 - Arqueves
4th Anniversary of Declaration of War. Church Parade - Battn. marched to ARQUEVES.
5 August 1918 Battn. Training.
6 August 1918
6 O. R's. joined - Capt. D. M. Saunders, Capt. A W Elliott, M. C. - 2/Lieut E E Ashby M. C Joined.
7 August 1918 11 O R's joined. Capt O E Hobson joined.
8 August 1918 - Beaucourt Battn left ARQUEVES at 7 p.m. and marched to BEAUCOURT.
9 August 1918 17 O. R's. joined.
10 August 1918
Bn. Training.
11 August 1918
Bn. Training.
12 August 1918 2/Lt. H. W. Dainty - 2/Lt J. Jenkins M. C. granted leave to U.K.
13 August 1918 Bn Training.

14 August 1918 - Pas-en-Artois

2 O. R's joined. Bed Swimming Sports. Battn marched to PAS.
15 August 1918 Bn Training
16 August 1918
Bn Training
17 August 1918 8 O. R's joined - 2/Lt E. S. Ashby M. C. attd 7th R. Fusiliers (190th Brigade-63rd Division)
18 August 1918 2/Lt. J. T. DICKINSON attd to 190th Inf Bed. 2/Lt. L. Humphreys granted leave to England.
19 August 1918 - Souastre Battn left PAS. 11.30 p m and marched to SOUASTRE - 2/Lt D. G. Greig granted leave to England.
20 August 1918 - Leeds Trench Battn marched from SOUASTRE to a position in Leeds Trench L.20 c and d
21 August 1918 As per report attached.
22 August 1918
As per report attached.
23 August 1918 As per report attached.
24 August 1918
As per report attached.
25 August 1918 As per report attached.
26 August 1918 As per report attached.
27 August 1918 As per report attached. 2/Lt A. N. Oakmoor. 2/Lt H. A. Garton Sprenger joined.

28 August 1918 - Miraumont

Battn. moved back to a position in MIRAUMONT.
29 August 1918 As per report attached.
30 August 1918
Battn. left MIRAUMONT and marched to a position about S.9 a.5.5. (Map Sheet Map Sheet 51 b. SW.)
31 August 1918 Lt W B Stimson granted leave to England. 2 O R's joined.


20th. - 28th, 1918 inclusive.   Reference Sheets 57 D. and 57 C.

1. On the night 20/21 Aug. 1918 the Battalion marched from billets in SOUASTRE to LEEDS TRENCH in L.20 c. and d. Considerable difficulty was experienced in reaching this position in the FONQUEVILLERS [sic] - LA BRAYELLE FARM road was blocked by lorries and a tank. All the Companies were in LEEDS TRENCH by about 4.15 a.m.

2. The Battalion formed up on the East side of LEEDS TRENCH in artillery formations A Coy. on the right, C Coy. on the left. "B" Coy. in the centre, "D" Coy. in support in rear of "B" Coy. The 7th. Bn. Royal Fusiliers were on the left.

3. At 5.25 a.m. the Battalion commenced to move forward behind the 189th Inf. Brigade.
(63rd Division) A thick fog hung over the ground making it difficult to keep direction. The Battalion marched in artillery formation North of BUCQUOY and South of ABLAINZEVILLE [sic], passed over the enemy front line, and proceeded in S.E. direction to leave LOGEAST WOOD on the North.

4. When the Battalion reached L.g.a., the enemy put down a smoke screen which mingled with the fog and made it impossible to see more than two or three yards ahead. The Battalion became somewhat disorganised in consequence and touch was lost for a time with the leading Brigade. Five tanks came to their assistance and it was arranged that 2 tanks should proceed on the south of the trench running through L.6.c., G.2.e., G.9 and 15, and 3 tanks on the north of the trench. two companies of the Battalion followed the tanks in artillery formation on the north side of the trench and two companies on the south side, in each case one company being in front and one company in support in rear.

In this manner it was hoped to keep direction as the trench led to about the centre of that part of the ACHIET-LE-GRAND - MIRAUMONT railway, which formed the objective of the 189th Brigade and from which the 4th Bedfords were to attack their objective.

5. The Battalion proceeded in this manner dealing with any small parties of the enemy who had been left by the leading Brigade, and reached a line about G.2.d.2.3. to G.8.b.0.5. Here it was found that the leading Brigades had not been able owing to the fog to make good the ACHIET-LE-GRAND - MIRAUMONT railway.

6. Orders were received that the 190th Brigade would consolidate a line G.14.a.9.9., G.9.c.0.8., G.3.d.2.2., A.27.d.5.1.

The 4th Bedfords consolidated a line from G.9.c.0.8 to G.3.d.2.2. - "A" Coy. on the right front, "C" Coy. on the left front, "D" Coy. in support and "B" Coy. in reserve.

The Battalion passed the night in these positions.

7. At about 5.30 a.m. 22/8/18 about 100 enemy were seen leaving huts at about G.9.b.0.8. advancing in a S.W. direction to attack post at about G.9.a.6.2. They were observed by "C" Coy. on the left, fired on and dispersed - 9 dead were counted.

At 6.5. a.m. a party of the enemy approached a post at G.9.a.8.1. held by the right company ("A"). They also were driven back. 2/Lieut. FLORY who was in charge of the post was killed.

Later in the day strong counter-attacks were made by the enemy on the 7th R. Fus.
(190th Brigade-63rd Division) but were repulsed.

8. On 23/8/18, the 37th Division passed through the line we held to attack the ACHIET-LE-GRAND railway and to take up a position East of BIHUCOURT.

The 4th Bedfords were then withdrawn in artillery formation to LEEDS TRENCH, which was reached in the evening.

9. On 24/8/18, the Battalion marched in artillery formation to assembly positions about G.21.b.

Here the night was spent.

At 5 a.m. 25/8/18 the Battalion proceeded in artillery formation: "D" Coy. on the right with "B" Coy. in support: "C" Coy. on the left with "A" Coy. in support, behind the 1st. Artists who followed the 189th Brigade. The 188th and 189th Brigades
(both in 63rd Division) were to take LA BARQUE and THILLOY and the 190th Brigade were to pass through them to RIENCOURT. the companies were echeloned in order to protect the right flank.

10. The Battalion proceeded round the South side of LOUPART WOOD and reached the main BAPAUME-ALBERT Road at about M.12.a. The 188th and 189th Brigades
(both in 63rd Division) had penetrated into LA BARQUE but were held up by M.G. fire.

Meanwhile the right flank was exposed and as M.G. fire was coming from that direction, it was decided to form a defensive flank facing S.W. along the line roughly M.12.d.7.7. to M.5.d.7.5. The 1st Artists Rifles
(190th Brigade-63rd Division) held the line from M.12. central to the main road, and the 7th R. Fus. (190th Brigade-63rd Division) prolonged the line in a North Westerly direction.

In the evening attacks were made on the 188th and 189th Brigades
(both in 63rd Division), but were repulsed, and the dispositions of the 4th Bedfords remained unchanged.

The night was spent in this position.

11. On 26/8/18 the 188th and 189th Brigades
(both from 63rd Division) attacked THILLOY and LIGNY THILLOY from the sunken road called RED CUT running north and south through N.1.a. and c. and N.7.a.

The 4th Bedfords formed up in artillery formation 700 yards behind them ready to follow them. The attacking troops were unable to get forward and the night was spent in these positions.

12. At 11 a.m. on 27/8/18, 4th Bedfords assembled in RED CUT to attack THILLOY and LIGNY THILLOY. The 7th R. Fus. were on the left, the boundary running along line from N.1.c.2.3. parallel to grid to N.2.c.3.3. Boundary on south was grid running through N.7.8. and 9.

D.Coy. was on the right, "B" Coy. in centre, and "C" Coy. on left each with 3 platoons in front line and 1 in reserve. "A" Coy. in reserve behind "B" Coy.

13. The barrage started at 11 a.m. and lifted forward at 11.3 moving back at the rate of 100 yards every 3 mins. Shells fell into the assembly positions which were thought to come from our own guns firing short.

On leaving the sunken road heavy M.G. fire was encountered from the front and the left and especially from the right flank.

It had been arranged that 21st. Division would attack on our right, but their attack was cancelled at the last moment and our right flank was thus exposed to extremely heavy M.G. fire from the high ground in M.7.d., M.8.c. and further south.

14. The line was held up and the positions occupied were then roughly a line from about N.1.e.8.2. - N.7.a.9.4. - N.7.a.4.0. No further advance was possible as M.G. fire from THILLOY and the ridges on the right was so heavy. Snipers were very active and claimed many victims.

15. At 6 p.m. after 1 hours bombardment by heavy artillery and preceded by an 18 pounder [sic] barrage the advance was continued again.

Just previous to zero one of our heavy shells fell in the midst of the centre Coy. and did much damage. Some of "C" Coy. on the left entered THILLOY and went right through, with their right on the cross roads at about N.2.e.8.0. The left of the centre company was met again by very heavy M. G. fire from the right and was unable to make much progress and the right company was unable to advance at all owing to the same reason. The enemy had a perfect defensive position which commanded the approach from in front and on the right flank.

16. As regards those elements of the left company which passed through THILLOY, the situation is difficult to ascertain. No Officer by this time appears to have been left with the company. The enemy appear to have been surrounding them on the right flank and eventually they withdrew through the village, and back to the sunken road from which the attack had started.

17. Owing to the formation of the ground the only possible defensive line was then the sunken road RED CUT, with posts pushed out to the edge of LA BARQUE. The line joined up with the 7th R. Fus.
 (190th Brigade-63rd Division) on the left.

The Battalion was in this position when it was relieved during the night by the 8th Manchester Regt. and withdrew to MIRAUMONT.

18. I attribute the failure of the attack to the fact that the right flank was exposed as the Division on our right did not advance. It is possible that the first attack would have been held up in any case from M. G. fire from THILLOY, but I feel certain that if other troops had been pressing on our right and so engaging the M. G's. on the ridges in M.7.d. and neighbourhood, my right company would have been able to get forward at the second attempt. If the request for tanks to co-operate had been granted the task would have been easy and could have been accomplished by one Battn. instead of two. 1-31 Aug 1918

4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment - War Diary for the month of September 1918.

1 September 1918 - Hindenburg Support Line near Henin-sur-Cojeul Battn marched from BOIRY to N.34 central near HENIN in the Hindenburg Support Line. Hostile aircraft raid, Lieut M. Brawn killed 3 Other Ranks killed 11 Other Ranks wounded and 26 horses & mules killed. 2/Lt W. Johnson 2/Lt A. E. Iliffe and 119 Other Ranks joined.
2 September 1918 - Fontaine-les-Croisilles Battn moved to FONTAINE and then to V 18.a. 3 Other Ranks joined.
3 September 1918 - Cagnicourtt. Battn moved to position near CAGNICOUR
4 September 1918 - Inchy-en-Artois Battn moved forward into front line position south of INCHY.  3 Other Ranks wounded.
5 September 1918

Battn in the line 42 Other Ranks joined 2 Other Ranks wounded.

6 September 1918 Battn in the line 13 Other Ranks wounded.
7 September 1918
Battn in the line 3 Other Ranks killed. 2/Lt. W. W. Dainty and 9 Other Ranks wounded.
8 September 1918 - Boyelles Battn relieved by a Battn of the 57th Division and marched to a position near HENDICOURT [sic]. Battn left position near HENDICOURT and marched to BOYELLES. 2 Other Ranks joined.
9 September 1918 - Bailleulmont Battn entrained at BOYELLES at 7.0 am and detrained at LAHERLIERE [sic] and marched to BAILLEULMONT. 2/Lt.W.Bellamy granted leave to England. 1 Other Rank wounded.
10 September 1918 Battalion Training.
11 September 1918
Battalion Training 2/Lt W. H. Richardson and 2/Lt. T. W. Willams joined.
12 September 1918 Battalion Training.
13 September 1918 Battalion Training.
14 September 1918 Battalion Training. Divl. Race Meeting Lt. A. L. Gordon struck off strength. Major J. H. Blackwell M. C. granted leave to England.
15 September 1918
Battalion Training. Battalion marched to St. LEGER. Capt. D. M. Saunders proceeded to England.
16 September 1918 - St. Leger Battalion Training. 2/Lt. A. E. Iliffe granted leave to England. 37 Other Ranks joined.
17 September 1918 Battalion Training.
18-21 September 1918 Battalion Training. Regimental Sports. 2/Lt. J. T. Nuttall granted leave to England. Lieut. Col. C. C. Harman
22 September 1918
D. S. O. and Capt. and Qr. Mr. J. A. Hislop joined.
23-25 September 1918 Battalion Training.
26 September 1918 - Moeuvres Battalion marched to position near QUEANT and moved forward to assembly position near MOEUVRES.
27 September 1918 Battn commenced operations at 5.20 a.m. and crossed Canal du Nord capturing their objective in the Hindenburg Support Line from K 4.d.5.8. to Sunken road at Z.28.d.8.3.
28 September 1918 - Cantaing-sur - Escaut Battn still in position in the Hindenburg Support Line and moved forward to position near CANTAING L 2.a. 2/Lt. T. J. Waller killed. (Capt. O. E. Hobson, Capt. J. K. Batten, Lieut. E. Ellis and Lieut.W.B.Steinson, 2/Lt. H. A. Garton-Sprenger, 2/Lt. W. Johnson, and 2/Lt. H. Mockford wounded. 12 Other Ranks killed. 61 Other Ranks wounded. date of casualties Sept.27.1918).
29 September 1918 Battn moved forward to position in front of CANTAING. Lieut. S. Norrish M. C.
and 2/Lt. H. F. Snelling granted leave to England.
30 September 1918 - South of Cambrai Battn moved forward to attack high ground south of CAMBRAI about A 26 and 27 [Map Sheet 51.b.]

4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment - War Diary for the month of October 1918.

1 October 1918 - Cantaing-sur-Escaut Battn. in Strong Point South of Faubourg de Paris which we consolidated. Relieved by 52nd Divn. and moved to CANTAING and became Divn. in Reserve. 2/Lieuts. A. Levy & W. H. Richardson wounded. 13 O.R's. Killed. 73 O.R's. wounded.
2 October 1918 Reorganisation. Lieut. G. Desborough, Lieut. R.E. Moyse, 2/Lt. S. H. Glossop 2/Lt. W. Holmes joined.
3 October 1918 Reorganisation. 2/Lieuts. J. G. Daniell, C. C. Beardon, E. James, F. D. Simmonds, W. Stubbing joined.
4 October 1918


5 October 1918


6 October 1918 - near Niergnies
Reconnoited line for attack on village of NIERGNIES from a Northern direction. Capt.L.G.Plumbly M.C. joined from Senior Officer Course.
7 October 1918 - Rumilly-en-Cambresis Moved to concentration area NOYELLES, just before midnight moved to assembly positions in front of RUMILLY.
8 October 1918 - Cantaing-sur-Escaut In Support to 188th Brigade (63rd Division) who attacked and took the village of NIERGNIES, causing the fall of CAMBRAI. Divn. was counter-attacked twice with Tanks. 2/Lieut. F. W. Bellamy Died of Wounds. 2/Lieut. S. A. Glossop wounded. Relieved by 24th Divn. in Evening and moved to CANTAING area. 2 O. R's. Killed 13 O. R's. wounded.
9 October 1918


10 October 1918

Reorganisation. Capt. D. M. Saunders rejoined. 2/Lieuts. S. T. Patrick, K. E. Eyles, R. C. Barnes & T. P. F. Ibbett joined.

11-12 October 1918 - Ostreville
Entrained at VAULK-VRAUCOURT [sic] detrained St. POL and marched to OSTREVILLE.
Lieut. Col.  C. C. Harman D. S. O. assumed temporary command of 188th Infy. Bde.
(63rd Division)
13 October 1918

Battn. Training. 8 Reinforcements joined.

14 October 1918

Battn. Training. Lieut. Col. A. G. Hayward transferred to England. 11 O. R's. joined. Lieut. C. C. Clifford to England (sick).

15 October 1918

Battn. Training.

16 October 1918

Battn. Training. Lieut. H. Ablett, 2/Lieut. N. R. Firstbrook, 2/Lieut C. H. Pierce joined.

17 October 1918

Battn. Training.

18 October 1918

Battn. Training. 2/Lieut. G. H. Capstick joined. 6 O. R's. joined.

19 October 1918

Battn. Training. 3 O. R's. joined.

20 October 1918
Battn. Training. 2/Lieut. H. S. Smith. joined.
21 October 1918
Battn. Training. 9 - O. R's. joined.
22 October 1918 - Izel-le-Hameau
Battn. moved to IZEL-le-HAMEAU by march route.
23 October 1918
Battn. Training.
24 October 1918
Battn. Training. Capt. A. C. Croskell joined.
25 October 1918

Battn. Training.

26 October 1918

Battn. Training.

27 October 1918
Battn. Training. 11 O. R's. joined
28 October 1918

Battn. Training. 3 O. R's. joined.

29 October 1918
Battn. Training. 5 O. R's. joined.
30 October 1918
Battn. Training.
31 October 1918

Orders received for Battn to move to Le FOREST on 1st. Transport left at 1600 hrs.

4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment  --  War Diary for the month of November 1918.

1 November 1918 - Le Forest Battn. Training. 3 Other Ranks joined.
2-3 November 1918 Battn. Training.
4 November 1918 Battn. Training. 2 Other Ranks joined.
5 November 1918 - Thiant Battn. moved to THIANT. 2 Other Ranks joined.
6 November 1918 - Saultain Battn. moved to SAULTAIN. 2 Other Ranks joined.
7 November 1918 - Angre Battn. moved to SEBOURQUIAUX, thence to ANCRE [sic]. Capt. D. M. Saunders granted leave to U.K.
8 November 1918 - Blaugies Battn. marched from ANCRE [sic] to AUDREGNIES, moved forward in afternoon through WITHERIES [sic] passing through 189th Brigade (63rd Division) and taking over front line.
Battn. attacked BLAUGIES at 16.00 hours. The enemy was driven into the village.

9 November 1918 - Quevy-le-Petit


Battn. attacked and captured BLAUGIES at 07.00 hours and moved forward to SARS LA BROYERE [sic] and then attacked QUEVY LE PETIT. 4 Other Ranks killed. 13 Other Ranks wounded. 1 Other Rank gassed.
10 November 1918 - Harmignies Battn. moved to BOUGNIES and commenced an attack on ASQUILLIES [sic] which was captured at 09.00 hours. Afterwards moved forward to NOUVELLES and consolidated east of village. At 17.00 hours Battn. moved slightly south to HARVENG and started an attack on HARMIGNIES. 2/Lt. S. T. Patrick wounded. 3 Other Ranks wounded. 2 Other Ranks gassed.
11 November 1918 HARMIGNIES was captured and entered at 0100 hours. Armistice was declared at 1100 hours. Battn. went into billets. 188th and 189th Infantry Beds (Both in 63rd Division) passed through and took up a defensive line.
12 November 1918 Battn. commenced training.
13 November 1918 Battn. Training. 1 Other Rank joined.
14 November 1918 Battn. Training. 5 Other Ranks joined.
15 November 1918 5 Officers and 180 Other Ranks represented the Battn. for the official entry of General Sir H. S. Horne, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., First Army Commander into MONS.
16-19 November 1918 Battn. Training.
20 November 1918 Ditto. 54 Other Ranks rejoined.
21-25 November 1918
Battn. Training.
26 November 1918 - Erquennes Battn. left HARMIGNIES at 08.00 hours for ERQUENNES.
27-30 November 1918
Battn. Training.

4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion Bedfordshire Regt. - Résumé of the War Diary December 1918 to April 1919.

In December 1918, we find the Battalion billeted at Erquennes. The diary records no activities apart from a ceremonial parade  to receive the Colours on the 22nd. Five officers go on leave and one is struck off the strength of the Battalion to England. 319 OR's join the battalion and 3 rankers re-join.

At the start of January 1919, we find the Battalion still at Erquennes engaged in training. On January 7th, the Battalion moves to Boussu and Major L. G. Plumby becomes the new second in command. Three officers proceed to the UK on leave, one is struck off the strength of the Battalion for repatriation, two go to the UK to attend a Senior Officers course, and one is demobilized. 39 rankers re-join the battalion.

On February 1919 no activities are reported, apart from the four subalterns being awarded. Five officers are struck off the strength of the battalion for demobilization and four officers are granted leave to the UK. 90 OR's join the battalion.

On March 1919 no activities are reported. One chaplain and seven officers are granted leave to the UK, and one officer is struck off the strength of the battalion for demobilization.

On April 1919 no activities are reported. 4 officers go to serve with the 2/4th Bn. Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire L. I. and 4 to the 11th Bn, Suffolk Regt., 3 officers are transferred to the 53rd Bn. Bedfordshire Regt., 2 officers re-join the Battalion, 3 are demobilized, one proceeds on leave to the UK, and one goes to the UK as a regular officer. 142 rankers leave to join the 2/4th Bn. Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire L. I., and 143 to 11th Bn, Suffolk Regt.

There are no further entries on the war diary.

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"The  Wasp" regimental magazine of the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment. Issues from September 1927 to December 1928 have a series of articles on the story of the 4th battalion during the Great War. Copies are available at Bedford Central Library.

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The data on this page has very kindly been provided by Gloria Porta - many thanks to her and to all those mentioned for permission to use their information and research.  Where possible all credit has been given to them and the original source quoted.