Autograph Book of Muriel Epton.

. The following entries were very kindly sent to me by Margaret Harrison and come from the pages of an autograph book that belonged to her Aunt Muriel Epton who was born in 1896.  Her parents owned and ran the local shop in Willoughby, Lincolnshire.  This shop must have been a lifeline to the men of the H.C.B as they patrolled the coast in all weather.  

The entries are from the men of the 2/1st H.C.B whose job it was to patrol the coast line day and night to keep England's shores safe from invasion.  Some are not signed but many are and give a lovely human feel to the way they thought at that time. Muriel herself was toughed by the effects of the Great War as her brother, Charles died of pneumonia in 1918 after fighting on the Somme.

The pages and photographs have been reproduced to the best quality that the originals allow - they do take a short while to down load so please be patient.  To aid download time a second web page of entries is also linked from the bottom of the first page.


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The corner shop in Willoughby, Lincs.


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