Promotions in the Ranks.

From a local newspaper dated 2/1/1915.     Cyclist Reserve Battalion.  Orders issued on Thursday stated that Orderly Sergeant T. S. Wright from the 15th City of London Battalion has been appointed Quartermaster with the honary rank of Lieutenant.  The following promotions and appointments have been posted:- To be appointed acting Col. Sergts. : Act. Corpl. G. W. T. C. Hall [H Co.], Act. Corpl. J. Farrar [A Co.], Act. Corpl. F. C. Love [B Co.], Act. Corpl. B. Barnett [C. Co.], Act. Corpl. K. Ingram [E Co.], Act. Corpl. A. G. Clarke [H Co.], Act. Corpl. W. H. Bennett [A Co.].  Appointed Acting Corporals: Lance Corpl. J. F. Evans [B Co.], Lance Corpl. J. B. Dunkley [B Co.], Lance Corpl. G. R. E. Watts [A Co.].  The following transfers are to take effect from 1st January 1915.: Col Sergt. F. Ashley from G to A Co,; Col. Sergt. E. Simons C to A Co.; Col. Sergt. G. M. Marshall H to B Co.; Sergt. G. Shepperson H to C Co.; Sergt. J. G. Field H to G Co.; Sergt. W. H. Bennett A to D Co.; Sergt. G. Bliss B to D Co.; Col Sergt. T. A Stafford H to C Co.; Lance Corpl. R. Pywell H to C Co.; Pte. T. Pigg D to H Co. The following recruits having joined are taken onto the strength of the Battalion; Pte. T. R. Saunders, Pte. A. E. Page, Pte. C. Wills, Pte. B. I. E. Woodward, Pte. H. H. Spencer.
From a local newspaper dated  6/11/1915.   Promotions in the 2/1st Hunts.  The following promotions and appointments in the 2/1st Hunts. have been published in Orders: To be Sergeants: Lance Sergeant R. S. Parr [G. Co.], Corpl. R. A. Pywell [C Co.], Corpl. W. L. K. Mann [C Co.] now posted to [F Co.] and Corpl. W. Taylor [C Co.] in charge of Motorcyclists.  Sergt. G. A. Bliss [D Co.] is appointed Sergeant Bugler and Sergt. Dimmond [H Co.] Machine Gun Sergt. to the Battalion.  Ptes. T. Flint [D Co.], H . Cox [F Co.] and Brooker [A Co.], are appointed paid Lance Corporals.  Sergts. Bloodworth and Seddon have left to take commissions, the former in the 3/1st Hunts. and the latter in the Northampton's.
From a local newspaper dated  25/2/1916.   Promotion of Cyclists.      The following promotions have recently been made in the 2/1st Hunts. Cyclist Batt., consequent upon the "Double Company" system having been adopted on December 1st 1916 last.  To be Co. Sergt. Majors; Col Sergeants F. Ashley, M. G> Marshall, D. Taylor and W. Dines.  To be Co. Quarter Master Sergeants: A. Conney, Sergt F. Love, Col Sergt. T. Stafford, and Col Sergt. C. Simmons.  Lance Corpl. E. W. Beeby has been put in charge of the Band with the rank of acting Sergeant.
From a local newspaper dated 26/2/1915.   The following promotions have been made in the St. Ives Co. Hunts. Cyclist Battalion: Corpl. G. Jeffs to be Sergeant, Lance Corpl. J. W. Walker to be Corpl, Pte. H. T. Walsh to be Lance Corpl. (paid), Pte. R. H. Clay to be Lance Corpl. (paid), Pte. W. J. T. Giddings to be Lance Corpl. (unpaid), Pte. D. Green to Lance Corpl. (unpaid), Pte. A. Tasker to be Lance Corpl. (unpaid).

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