After World War One.

The following officers of the Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalions relinquished their commissions on 

30th September 1921 under A.O. 166/21 as amended by A.O. 332/21 and retain their rank, 

except where indicated below.


The officers relinquished their commissions 30th September 1921 under A.O. 166/21 as amended by A.O. 332/21 

and retain their rank, except where indicated below.



Lt-Col E. R. Herbert 

O.B.E. T.D. **3

Maj. S. G. Cook 

O.B.E. T.D. **3

Capt. A. P. Aubrey

Capt. H. D. Beeby

Capt. W. G. Coleman

Capt. H. L. Dymoke

Capt. J. H. I. Hankin **2

Capt. W. Hunnybun **2

Capt. J. B. Laurence

Capt. A. E. Lowe

Capt. C. Mellows

Capt. W. J. Satchell

Capt. J. Stanley M. C.

Capt. H. Wootton M.B.E.

Lt. W. H. Bennett **1

  Lt. T. W. Betts

Lt. P. Birkenshaw

Lt. G. A. Bliss

 Lt. C. Boden **1

 Lt. H. D. Buck

Lt. F. T. Burditt

 Lt. W. S. Caster M.C.

Lt. T. Clark

  Lt. D. Crew

 Lt. H. P. E. Dawson

Lt. M. I. R. Day

 Lt. W. Dickenson

Lt. H. J. Farrow

Lt. A. Fuller

Lt. W. D. Graham

Lt. H. S. Goddard

Lt. W. A. H. Goodman 

Lt. G. W. Grant

Lt. J. E. Gripper

Lt. T. G. Hannan

Lt. W. G. Harris

Lt. W. Harrison

Lt. E. W. Hart

Lt. W. C. W. Hawkins

Lt. L. J. Hibbard

Lt. G. Holt M.C.

Lt. A. E. Illes M.C.

Lt. J. E. Johnson

Lt. J. P. Jones

Lt. E. F. King

Lt. J. L'anson **1

Lt. M. McGill

Lt. J. T. R. McHale

Lt. C. A. McKinley

Lt. J. A. McNish

Lt. W. K. L. Mann

Lt. T. S. Markham

Lt. G. C. Massing  

Lt. G. I. Mobbs

Lt. P.A. Morley M.C.

 Lt. H. B. Moss-Blundell

 Lt. J. S. Nash **1

Lt. H. J. H. Newton **1

Lt. E. G. Penstone

Lt. P. Plowman

Lt. S. B. Powditch

Lt. R. A. Robinson

Lt. V. L. Rowe

 Lt. A. G. Sansom

Lt. R. P. Stephenson

Lt. W.  L. Stephenson

Lt. M. B. Stringer

Lt. C. Stuffins

Lt. W. J. Taylor

Lt. J. L. Tebbutt

Lt. R. G. Thorp

 Lt. A. W. Wilson

Lt. T. A. Wainwright

. .

. .

2/Lt G. C. Bowyer.

**1 = also granted the rank of Captain.          **2 = also granted the rank of Major.         **3 = with permission to wear the prescribed uniform

The above information is taken from published extracts from the "London Gazette", and under a supplement dated 7th December 1921.

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